Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our New Pastor

Our church has been without a pastor since May of this year.  Finally after 6 months of anxiously waiting and praying, God has sent us a man and his family to lead our church.  The funny thing is he was a youth minister here 16 years ago, and now has come back to serve once again.  Bro. Will Sherman and his family are here and are doing an excellent job.  He loves the church, the community, and has just fit right in.

To welcome him the church had a "Get to Know the Pastor" get together the Saturday night before he came in view of a call.  It was a nice fellowship and a wonderful time of just being together as a church family.

Little man hanging on Mama

Food table!

Sorry about the poor quality of pictures, I have misplaced the card to my SLR and so my small point and shoot was all I had at the time. . . Let's just say there is a reason I don't use it that often.

Mr. Man has been growing steadily and is now 14 months old!  I cannot believe that.  If I think about it too long it makes me sad.  He is getting smarter and more aware of his surroundings every single day.  We are still hanging on to two naps a day at times, but just by the skin of our teeth.  We have also learned how to throw fits, like screaming bloody murder fits, so if anyone knows how to combat those please leave me some love lol.  

I am enjoying being a stay at home mommy all the more now.  It really has been such a sweet time for myself as a woman, wife, mom, and daughter of the King.  I have learned so much and grown even more in my walk with the Lord, something I attribute to the time I do have to pursue the things I love.