Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas from the Cliftons!  We hope your holiday has been very Merry and Bright, and without any broken bones, because ours did consist of the latter.  On Sunday afternoon Mark broke his collar bone while he and my dad were out on a bicycle ride.  They were on their way back at the end of their ride, about 100 yards or so from the yard when a dog from a neighbor came after them.  Mark took a swing at him, which caused him to fall off his bike and onto his shoulder, hence breaking his collar bone.  We went to emergency room and were told what we already knew, it was broken and that we would need to see an orthopedic surgeon.  However we couldn't get in until after the holidays. So here he is, all slung up, looking at christmas presents that all have to do with working out which he cannot do for a while.  Poor guy.

We went to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve and this was just one of the many games we played called "Headbands"

Our Christmas tree this morning.  It was a small and sweet Christmas for the Clifton's this year, and while I debated even putting up pictures, I wanted to remember this year, what it has meant to be halfway through it so far, and how  this year looked. Reid had a wonderful Christmas anyway and we enjoyed watching him open presents.

He opened candy first and that was all he was interested in the whole time.

He loves to sweep, but adult brooms are too big and he often gets mad at them, so I got him a toddler broom!

Lastly he got a sandbox.  He wasn't that impressed, but he will be.

It also snowed this Christmas!  Reid had a blast playing in it.  I will be uploading pictures tomorrow from our Christmas stay in Tyler!