Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Going to Miss This

So it has been a pretty big gap in between posts lately.  I guess I just haven't been feeling the bloggin' vibe.  That and for the most part it seems as if our days kind of are all the same, so why would that be any fun for anyone to read.  However, I ALWAYS enjoy going back and reading old posts and seeing how God has worked everything out for good.  This made me realize that even if I don't feel like blogging or my life seems monotonous I am one day going to look back and miss this.  I want to remember this special time in our lives when Reid is so little and the only one, when we are trusting God with everything we have, when I am enjoying the youth kids, I am going to look back and say "These were some of the best years and I didn't even know it."

I haven't really been up to a lot besides just chasing around a toddler who is getting faster by the day!  It really is true, how once the babes learn how to walk, they just take off!  It is seriously like someone flips a switch and they decide "Hey this is a better way to get around!"  We have also been reading A LOT of books!  He actually has a clear favorite, I believe it is called "Where's Spot"  (I should know, I read it about 50 times a day!) and it is a classic "lift the flap" book!  He loves it and will thrust it in mine or Mark's face time and time again to read it to him.  He is also having tons of fun with all of his toys from his birthday, especially the ball pit ;).

Here are a few of the things I don't want to forget about Reid at 13 months

  • His infectious giggle!  I have never been around a happier baby, one who laughs so easily.  
  • All the words he can say!  Mama, Dada, Bite-bite, MMMmm, Ball, Yea, Please (sign language), Night night, car noises.  His vocabulary is slowly but surely getting bigger.
  • The way he holds his hands out right above his waste to balance himself as he toddles back and forth from one room to the next
  • How he licks (yes licks, don't ask why, I am not sure) every ball he plays with
  • He loves to go on a walk with Mom or a run with Dad, we enjoy talking to him on these special outings,
  • He is now forward facing and has 6 teeth, the front four and bottom two!  So cute!  I think he is cutting more as I type, he has been slightly cranky.  
  • His precious squeal when you chase him.  It is his favorite game at the moment and he will play with ANYONE who is willing.
  • He loves climbing up stairs!
  • He eats a banana and eggs for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and then whatever we are all having for dinner.  The boy loves goldfish crackers, mini club crackers, and anything sweet for a snack.
  • I think we are now totally on whole milk, no more putting formula in there with it!  
  • I love how he makes noises with his finger and his lip when we are changing him, daddy taught him that!  
  • We are practicing blanket time and are up to three minutes! Woohoo.
These are just a few of the many things I do not want to ever forget about this precious guy.  He is so sweet, and SO MUCH FUN.  I know he was meant to be ours, and am so thankful for him every day!  I pray for him and for us that he will grow up to be a Godly man who loves and follows the Lord.  

Lastly I leave you with a few pictures my aunt took of my giant family!  She is great!  If you need a photographer in the East Texas area she is the one to get.  She recently opened her own studio as well! Check her out at