Saturday, April 27, 2013

Showin' Owen: 3 Months Old & Feeding Goats

I can't believe it is that time again, time to update because my little boy is 3 months old!  Time sure is flying this go around that is for sure!  He is getting so big, it makes me sad!

 He is still waking up around 3:30 to eat every morning and then again at 6:30.  I am waiting for the day when he will be sleeping all the way through the night, but knowing that as soon as that comes, teething, so the reprieve would be brief.

He has been staying with "Nana" or our Mrs. Cheryl, the lady who kept me until I went to kindergarten with his brother and doing well.  We love that we have someone we can trust while I finish out this school year.  She gives both boys so much love and attention as well as keeps them busy (she has a horse, chickens, plenty of land, and all sorts of things to occupy a little guy) which makes me feel better.  At the last daycare I am pretty sure Reid was stuck in one small room with 4 other kids all day.

He is still eating 5 oz every feeding with Nana.  He is a champion pooter, and a drooler monkey right now.  He still can't lay flat right after you feed him or he will spew.  He is very good at the "baby pushups" and is working on becoming a consistent roller, though I don't think I put him down enough during the day to really see this skill in action lol.

He is my cuddle bunny and sleeps better when he is on someone or right up against them (like at night when I am too tired to put him back in his bed and he accidentally ends up by me for another 2 hours lol).  I know I am about to have to start not doing that, but he is still pretty good about sleeping whereever so I'll let it slide.  

He is still a pretty serious kid.  He will smile at you and try to giggle, but you gotta work for it a little.  It's not that he isn't happy, he is just somber.  Blake said it's because he has to work so hard to move those giant cheeks outta the way lol.

He is growing like a weed and I can't wait to watch him as he gets bigger.  It has been difficult having 2 kids and working full time, but I am so glad he is a part of our family.  He fits in perfectly.

The day we took Owen's 3 month pictures we also got invited over to the house of one of my grandparent's friends to help feed some orphan baby goats they took in.  The mama had triplets, but only took to one of them, so this family offered to take care of them and let their granddaughter help!  This really is a testament to how much Reid has been learning at "Nana's" house because he is usually very cautious around animals he doesn't know, but here he was all about them.  He loved holding it, and kept saying "I pet him.  He lick me.  He likes me.  He's soft."   We then walked around to the back and fed chickens and the big goats.  Reid wanted to go in the fence and pet the big goats too!  I was so impressed with my little man.  He is growing up so much, and changing into a little boy right before our eyes.
Feeding one of the baby goats. 

Looking at the big goats and chickens

He even asked to go inside the fence and pet the big goats.  I was so proud.