Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Greatness

Well, we are finally back from a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend.  What a crazy, but fun time it was.

First we headed out to my maternal family's side for a huge get together.  We are talking 50 people!  Anyway, we went there first for lunch, even though it was technically Mark's family's year to decide how everything would work and for where we would go, they were gracious enough to move their festivities to dinner so we could make the first celebration.  My great grandmother, Reid's great-great grandmother was going to be there, and we wanted a chance for him to meet her and to take a five generation picture.  Believe me when I say I know how rare it is to have 5 generations all together, but even more rare to have a pair of them.  My paternal great grandmother is still alive too.  Here is the five generation picture.
5 generations! Me, my grandmother, mother, and great-grandmother, and Reid

We left from Maud and headed out to Tyler to spend the rest of our weekend with Mark's family.  We even got their early, which is great for us!  Here is a picture we all got together!
The Clifton Clan
Of course the real star of the show was Mr. Man.  He was held ALL WEEKEND LONG!  Every diaper change and feeding (when he wasn't nursing, more on that story later though) was at least a 3 person event.  It was wonderful to get a mini break, take a shower, you know all the things that those of you without a newborn now take for granted lol.  
Uncle Blake

Everyone took a turn feeding him

Uncle Scott
Uncle Wade and Reid in the cutest overalls ever!
Pops and Reid
 To end our weekend in Tyler, we stopped by a high school friend of Mark's for a mini thanksgiving reunion.  It was great to see Mark's friends from high school who have graciously accepted me into their circle!  We are blessed.  At this get together we also got to finally meet Reid's future wife in person.  Our dear friends Amy and Brant Gutherie had sweet little Allison just 4 days before Reid was born.  Here they are getting to know each other.
Reid flirting with Allison
 Reid also found yet another friend in the living room fan.
Checking out the ever so intriguing fan
 We all had a fun time visiting before going home to rest!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
All the gals and Reid
All tuckered out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ohh Yeah

Yeah the weekend is here! Hooray! Not that it matters really in the life of a stay at home mom. The only way I know what day is whatt is thanks to church. I know Mark has to work on Sundays and Wednesdays so I think about how long it has been since he has gone to work late without me.

I have come to realize that I desperately need something to do to break up my mundane days. I have nothng to blog about, nothing to do really that is for me. You see my problem is I am a jack of all trades but a master of none, I don't have anything that I really specialize in, nothing that I can say I enjoy this and am good at it! I have thought about taking up several things, scrapbooking (but I am not creative or patient enough), taking a dance class (but that cost money), photography (photoshop costs too much to), I mean honestly. I have gotten so bored I have even thought about taking up running again like training for a 5k or something. However, then I think to myself, "If I can't find the time to take a decent shower, how in the world am I going to have time to take a run?" Hence the dilema. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Until then, here are some recent pictures.
Me and the munchkin before heading to town. 
So cute in his Longhorn outfit


Beautiful scenery at my parents house (disregard the power lines, the trees were just so pretty)

Here is our Lab mix puppy, Sadie, she loves it out here.

Sadie and Ellie again. 
Here we are for a walk down to the school to visit Grammy.

But here is what we really look like.

Here is a one month picture with our Mister Monkey.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Road Trip!

So this weekend we took a road trip to Dallas. By we I do mean the whole family, Mark, myself, and Reid. Believe me I was as nervous taking this trip as you are probably reading this sentence. It is unbelievable how much stuff you must take for a baby for just really a day and a half solid. Ugghh. . .

Anyway, the night before we left, we had some friends stop by that had a littlle baby girl 5 days after I had Reid. This poor girl, was due 2 weeks before me, and I ended up having him early and she went 2 days late. I felt for her. Anyway, her baby, Audy, is adorable, and oh so tiny, or maybe it is just my son is a beast of a man. Here is a pic to justify

Big huh?

Anyway the reason we went was for Mark and the Cliftones to play a set at a mission's organization's coffee shop thing they had for students. It was good and Reid did well, sleeping through most of it (considering it started 30 minutes late, at 10:30 P.M. and they played for an hour, I would hope he would have. Sorry, no picture from that night :-(

After we finished there we headed back to the hotel room that Mark's parents had graciously purchased for us to stay in. This was such a blessing and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, as I am sure that everyone else at Scott and Blake's apartment would have. Because you see, the poor boy was constipated, which meant that from 2:20 to 5 he was up atleast every 45 mins. We just went over and did what we could, until we finally gave him a suppository at 5. Well then he was asleep for another 45 mins and then he was hungry and then fussy after that. Needless to say it was a long night. We are lucky duckies though, becuase even when he is uncomfortable he doesn't scream non-stop, he squeals and grunts, but doesn't really ever just cry and cry! Thank you Lord for this blessing!

"So what I was up all night, I'm still cute!! (And wet!)"

After getting him up and dressed and another big (and unaided mind you) poopy, we headed to Daddy's favorite place in Dallas, Guitar Center. While the Little Man ate, daddy played around on a few guitars, deciding which one he would get for a near future purchase. The man needs one, he has been playing the same hand-me-down guitar from his brother since high school. Granted it is a good guitar, one he fell in love with playing on, but it is time for something else. Of course we had to commemorate this event in our son's life.

Lastly we went to Ft. Worth to visit a family friend of mine who had a baby boy this past Tuesday. Here they are together!

Welp going home finally from this crazy weekend!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

sorry for the hiatus

So it has been a while on the blogging front for me. To tell you the truth I am not even really sure why it has been so long, I have really just been away from my computer. I haven't even been doing anything exciting or of any worth, just taking care of our baby boy. Which really calls for a "Read about Reid" post don't you think?

1. Reid is still a happy baby. Granted he has had his share of gastric troubles, but even that has not affected his smile. Especially at late night feedings, when he is falling asleep, that little booger can be oh so cute.

2. He is now completely on formula and doing well, and is almost on a regular pooing schedule. We are giving him an extra feeding of diluted pear juice to encourage this :)

3. He is beginning to figure out his own sleeping schedule. One day he was up ALL afternoon, we are talking seriously maybe a fitful 30-45 of sleep (put together) for the whole afternoon/evening. Then the next day I couldn't keep him up, he would fall asleep as he finished his bottle. Now he is napping pretty good. The next milestone to cover, moving him to his own room (yikes! bites lip)

4. He is still in new born clothes, and SOME 0-3 month stuff. He really doesn't have a whole lot of long sleeve stuff, and it is beginning to get much colder.

5. He is starting to get a small amount of baby acne :-( poo for this

6. He is the center of all the family's world right now! On both sides! I have never seen any of them so in love!

7. He likes to listen to music and to hear his daddy sing.

8. He really enjoys being on his tummy (especially for sleeping). I think it makes it feel better at times.

9. He has not projectile spit up once since we switched him and for this I am thankful!

10. He grunts more than any kid I have ever been around. I am prettys sure it is his love language.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year we had a new member, and of course he was the cutest of all. Reid went to our church's "Trunk or Treat" celebration as a sweet pea! See below

I think this is him in his daddy's arms

This is me and him :-) Please excuse the tired eyes, it had been a long night.
Here he is with his Grammy and one of her friends whose grandbaby was 4 months old.

This is my cousin Kyndall and her puppy Kizzy who went as a pirate.

"But wait, I shoulda been a pirate"

"Because I can make the perfect face! See!"

"But I guess it's ok to be a sweet pea, I am the sweetest baby"