Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I left you guys off where at the meteor shower. . . When I think back to important moments and nights in my life this ranks right up there as one that I will never forget.    Seriously, read about this night and you will see why!  Ah, I am getting ahead of myself, let us begin where I left off.

As I said we pull off this disinigrated old highway into this random field that just happens to be perfect for star gazing because there are no streetlights anywhere close.  We are there with the mutual friend Josh and my roommate Channin' who are all standing around talking.

I remember I kept saying we all needed to sit down, it would be much more comfortable, especially to me because I have tendonitis in my heels, I honestly can't stand for long periods of time, especially in one place.  Obviously Mark was thinking the same thing because finally he just lays down on the ground in front of the truck and begins to watch.  Now me, knowing I was highly interested in him (remember he had hung around with us before hand as a group), knew I wanted to lay down to, not just to look at the stars but to get a chance to talk to this boy, that I just had such a peace about getting to know.  It had to have been God giving me the courage because Kristen Jones just wouldn't have decided to lay down too.  So we are both layin on the ground, and there are a few awkward moments of waiting on everyone else to follow suit, but no one does.

At this point Mark thinks to himself "if this girl stays down here then I am going to take the chance to get to know her."  And wouldn't you know it, I stayed.  We laid there just talking and sharing our hearts about God, family, ministry, it was one of the coolest times in my life, something I wish I could go back and do all over again.  It was so nice to just get a chance to figure out what the other was all about, so much mystery and excitement.

 I remember at one point, once the stars started really falling (best meteor shower I have ever seen,  honestly, shooting stars everywhere.  This so sounds like out of a movie, but I swear it all happened), a huge, and I mean HUGE star fell out of the sky lightening fast.  Like so big it left a lingering tail!  It was the biggest shooting star I have ever seen or will ever see I am pretty sure.  Mark and I both see it and immediately sit straight up both shouting "Oh my gosh, that was huge, did you see it?!"  fully expecting the others to be as excited as we are.  However, nobody else saw it.  It was the strangest thing.  Even now as I write this post I asked him "Hey do you remember that huge star, you saw it to right, we both really did see it?"

This was such an amazing catalyst to our relationship, I could think of no better way to kick off my love story.  Isn't God just amazing like that, honestly, I couldn't have written anything more romantic.  I should have been expecting that of Him though, I mean the one who paints gorgeous sunsets everyday and made the whole world, why wouldn't He write an amazing love story for me.  In fact this is the theme to one of my favorite books about dating called When God Writes Your Love Story.  It talks about how we as humans want to keep the pen in our own hands and try to author what we want in a love story instead of trusting God to do it and to become the author of our love story.  Thankfully God had removed all obstacles in my life the year before, gave me a wonderful summer where I learned what it meant to truly love, follow, and trust Him with all my heart, and then and only then did he allow me to meet the prince charming he made for me.  Isn't He is amazing?

Next you will hear about when we finally made the decision to start dating and how that all worked out.

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