About Us

Hello there.  We are the Cliftons.  Right now there are currently only 3 members of this little family (and two dogs.  You can read about the arrival of the first here.), but after 3 years of marriage that sounds about right.  I guess I will start at the beginning.

I began this blog with this post as a soon-to-be bride as a way to chronicle our lives after marriage.  So of course there are all the pre-wedding jitters and decisions.  On June 14, 2008 we tied the knot and began life together.  It was full of ups and downs, partly because of Mark's jobs and me still being in school for what turned out to be another year and a half.  It was all in God's perfect timing because I was able to teach first grade for a semester (January- May) after graduating the previous December.  It was hard, the first day was killer, and there were many times I felt in over my head.  It all worked out, but man was it ever WORK!

Work however wasn't made easier by the next happening in our lives, finding out we were pregnant a month after starting my new job! Talk about God's timing!  It was during that semester I decided I would leave the classroom and become a stay at home mom the next year.   This was not an easy decision, God really had to change my heart on the matter, but I am so glad He did!  He is so faithful, and has been to us since we followed His leading in this matter.  

After end of the school year, Mark and I began a busy busy summer that was filled with trips and doctor's appointments.  We just thought God was going to give us a break before the arrival of our newest addition, however He had other plans!  A couple of weeks after we returned from all planned trips our church hired a new full time music minister.  The only catch was he had a wife and 3 children and the church only had a 2 bedroom one bath home to offer him.  Mark and I knew right away what we needed to do, we moved out of our 3 bedroom 2 bath home into the 2 bedroom 1 bath home.  However, this was not before some EXTENSIVE remodeling work.  Not only were we doing that, but Mark was also playing with his band and we were visiting family/having baby showers all in between. Yeah my life was crazy.  

We were continuously getting closer to the magical 9 (really 10) month mark, we did a few last minute things in order to prepare for the little one's arrival.  We were all surprised when Mr. Reid decided to make his debut 2 weeks earlier than expected.  You can read his birth story here, and see a few pictures here.  Thus began the neverending posts about motherhood, and that decisions weren't so easy anymore. We went through a rough spell with nursing where I stopped for a while and then started again.  

So far we have had our first Christmas as a family, Reid's first snow day, first trip to California, first Easter, and plenty more to come!  I hope you will continue to go on this journey with us as God is continually moving throughout our lives, teaching us many new things and surprising us with what He has planned.