Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter 2013

I know I am terribly behind on blogging, but I blame having no internet at our house as the culprit.  So to do these posts we have to lug our iMac desktop down to my parents since that is what we are downloading the pictures on.
Thanks to my great grandmother, the boys had an awesome easter basket and outfits

Their after church outfit that they were supposed to have matching, but Penny's didn't get Owen's shorts in on time like they said they would.

We are all about baseball and these dollar store bases were a find!

We actually didn't end up going to church, a huge storm blew through and knocked a tree down blocking out way out. So I just put him in the outfit and went to my grandmother's.

The shirts came from my good friend who has an etsy shop! Click here to go to it!

Brotherly love.

Because of the storm, all lights went out in Harleton.  My poor grandmother had planned this big elaborate meal and we had to eat only the stuff that didn't have to be warmed!  It was still so good.  The lights didn't come back on until 1 AM!!!  It was still a great Easter, one where Reid was finally able to start understanding the reason we celebrate.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Going to the Zoo

While Mark was on spring break from his schooling, and I was still on maternity leave we went to Tyler for a little visit and R&R.  While there Mark's mom, or "Nina", graciously took us to the Caldwell Zoo.  It is the biggest zoo in east Texas and has a really neat history.  Basically it started in the backyard of this very rich older couple who had no children, but loved kids and wanted them to enjoy animals.  It quickly became a bigger zoo and up until the wife died a few years ago (and the zoo went to the city) it was free admission, so anyone could come!  The Caldwell's  never wanted there to be a charge on admission to get in, and oh how I wish it were the same. We did end up having a great day!

Seeing the Penguins 

Some type of monkey looking right at us

Proof that Owen was there 
And that I was there too

Want to have some fun? Make a 2 year old try to say rhinoceros. 

My camera would only focus on the fence but this capybara was nursing like 8 little guys.  I told her I felt her pain 

This truck used to be a the Caldwell playschool (a virtually free preschool back in the day) where Mark and his brothers went.