Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just Random Things

So past month has been a little nutso in our home, for starters we sold and bought a house all on the same day, and in that regard it meant we were basically charged with getting two homes ready.  One had to be ready to have the next family living in it, and the other had to be able to be inhabited by our family.  Can I just tell you this is no small feat.  In fact it is awful and hard and I don't want to ever do it again, though I know we will have to at some point, though hopefully no time soon! I have more on this later but only had time to upload a few phone photos for this post so for now it will have to wait. 

After we had been in the house about a week one morning we were surprised to find very warm water coming up from underneath the bathroom.  So we called the home warranty people who sent plumbers out to fix the problem.  They thought they had discovered the solution to the issue when they saw the previous owner had never put a wax ring back on the toilet after he reinstalled it.  So they did so for me and I think were going to be content but Mark made me press them on why the water was warm, like warmer than room temp warm coming out of the bottom of the toilet.  After some time, and turning on all faucets in the house simultaneously they made not only the toilet leak again but also noticed water coming up from underneath the floor in the hallway in between the two bathrooms in the house.  Long story a bit shorter they had to cut the wall and ended up finding a pipe with a huge hole ON THE TOP of it (something both guys and their dad, who has been a plumber 32 years, had never seen before!) that had apparently been there a while judging by all the mold on the bottom half of the wall.  They ended up taking all the sheetrock out and right now that room and hole is covered with plastic.  Did I mentioned it had just gotten done being painted 2 days earlier, because it had.  

Moving on to other things, I have a pregnant picture at some point with all of our kids on this blog and I didn't want sweet Karis to feel left out, so here we are at 19 weeks.

This was what felt like the first legitimate home school day in the new house.  Between moving in and getting everything out of the other house and then having it painted this was honestly the first time were able to see our kitchen table to use it for school work in a couple of weeks.  Right now the playroom is still stacked high with boxes so we are working on school here.  I have to say I don't hate it, I am able to do laundry or be in the kitchen without ever having them out of my sight which is nice for staying on top of work.

And then there is this little georgia peach right here who acts like she is literally dying if I make her stay in my eye sight during Reid's teeball games.  I swear this little Miss Independent is gonna make her mama go mad before she's 10.  However if we can make it through these little formative years I know she will change the world and I pray it is great and mighty things for God's kingdom.  Until then if anyone wanted to come and be the designated Halle Kate watcher so I could actually see Reid make a play that would be great.  

I know this is not great blogging, heck it isn't even good blogging, but it IS still getting on here and doing it.  For me right now that is what it is going to take until I figure out a new system of uploading pictures quickly.  And you know what, that is ok.  So what if nothing really goes together in a post, so what if I have random pictures that are out of order from what has actually been happening, so what?  This is our life and it is such a good one, so if it is documented, then I call it a success.