Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Beautiful Summer

This summer will go down as being the very best summer of my entire adult life.  If you know me, then you know usually I loathe summer, I hate the heat, the bugs, the sweat, all of it.  However this summer has been different.  Even though the weather hasn't changed all that much (though we are experiencing a rather mild summer for east Texas)  for a variety of reasons I will list below this summer will be one of the memory books.  

Reason 1:  A New Baby. . . GIRL!!!!!  
  • Though Mark and I found out we were expecting another sweet addition at the end of April, we were pleasantly surprised in June to discover through a blood test that we were going to be having our first baby girl.  To say I was shocked when I heard the results is an understatement.  I actually didn't believe the lady when she said it.  I had called in to my doctor's office to see if the results where in and when she said the gender was "girl" I went something to the affect of "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?" I was so excited and couldn't wait to share the news.  I was driving by a donut store right at that moment so I swung in and asked for a pink donut to take to Mark.  He was less than impressed by my random impromptu brunch of just one donut in a bag that he just sat it down and began working on it again.  I had to coerce him to just open the bag, to where he said "thanks" and began working again.  I then had him think about what color the donut was, and it finally hit him.  We gave each other big hugs and proceeded to tell our families.  It was such a fun time with everyone being so excited for us.  I had literally been praying for months that if God saw fit He would one day bless us with a sweet baby girl, so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He is the reason she is here.  We believe we have a  name, Halli Kate (like Halle Berry).  It has no significance other than we just really liked it (which kind of bothers me to be honest) and I can hardly wait to meet her.  
    • Another sweet little side note story comes in the form of the little Longhorn dress on the left of one of the pictures below.  About a year or so ago Walmart started carrying Longhorn clothing items in their children's section.  While looking for the boys something I came across this sweet dress and just fell in love with it.  I told myself that if I ever had a girl I would buy that dress.  Fast forward about a year or so later and I was able to go and grab one in her size.  As I began walking to the check out counter I welled up with tears a little realizing I was going to get a sweet girl in our family.  Mark of course saw that, laughed, shook his head, and muttered "Hormonal" before heading off himself.  
The way we announced it on Facebook

Almost 16 weeks with our sweet angel

A new to us crib that we are going to paint
Some finds for her.  A DRESS and cheer outfit for next football season
Reason number 2:  A New House
  • Mark and I were also blessed enough to purchase a new home about 15 miles from where we were currently living at the very end of May. It needed some tlc, new paint, some carpet and tile, light fixtures, etc, but has been such a wonderful blessing to our family.  We love being homeowners and have enjoyed working on our own place.  Probably the best part is the fact there is a converted carport that is now a game room of sorts.  Every toy the boys own is in that room all organized thanks to my wonderful mother.  It has been so nice to have a place for all their stuff that is away from the rest of the house.  The boys have loved it so far, falling right in and enjoying their new surroundings.  We now live in a tiny but incorporated town which means it has scheduled trash pick up, a grocery store, and fast food places!  There is also a fireplace, which I am so excited about for this fall.   Mark really has worked so hard fixing everything up and getting everything just right, especially in our back yard.  I am so grateful to have such a hard working hubby who takes pride in our little place.

Our home at the 4th of July

Reid and Owen enjoying a movie night in our game room

Reason Number 3:  Friends

  • This is really the major reason this summer has been so great.  I have friends that we consistently hang out with on a weekly basis for the first time since I began my journey as a stay at home mom.  It all started last summer when one sweet lady suggested starting a mom's bible study on Thursday mornings.  What began as a group of strangers meeting with their children has now blossomed into wonderful friendships between families.  Now I currently see most of these ladies multiple times a week outside of our still standing Thursday bible study.  It has been so wonderful to watch Reid enjoy his little buddies as well and I thank God for these sweet ladies and their sweet babies.  I have been praying for friends like this for a while.  Friends who don't mind if you come over at the drop of a hat.  Friends who don't care if your house is dirty.  Friends who ask you to keep their kids and then reciprocate that.  Friends that understand what you are going through as a mom and offer encouragement.  I am grateful beyond words for the way the Lord has answered this prayer.  

Reid and two of his buddies on a swim day!