Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Week of Painting!!

Well it is the last day of spring break and I can confidently say I only did a small amount of homework :-)But this is NOT because I was being lazy and sitting around all week, no way, I have been painting like a mad woman!

In case anyone doesn't know of I have forgotten to tell what is happening, Mark got the youth minister position at Harleton (yay!!) We are so excited and couldn't be happier! Well along with the many perks of the new job (such as a day off, that was AWESOME, a gas allowance, insurance, and so many more)comes a place to live. Now this is not just any "place to live", this is a 3 bedroom, two bath, massive house (especially when you compare it to the one bedroom apartment we have been staying in at ETBU). We are estatic about living there and all the freedom the church has graciously allowed us to have, one of which was painting.

You see, the house is huge, but is ALL wood panneling, and when I say all, I mean everything, every wall, was wood panneling! Wood panneling is not my favorite thing, and I have been wanting to paint something (make a house my own) since we got married, and the church allowed me to do it! Such a huge gift, I don't think they know how happy it made me. I got to pick all my own colors and everything, decide what I wanted where and was able to get in there and do a lot of it this week that I had off.

Of course paiting doesn't come without its bumps in the road, and this project was no exception. We decided to go with an orange for the office room, and got a color we thought would be great, but it turned out to be WAY to bright. It scared everyone, so after seeing that two coats didn't help the color, we had to go back and get a deeper orange. Luckily that was the only paint change that had to be made. We painted the living room/kitchen area, as well as the hall, a khaki color, that turned out to be way prettier than I thought it was going to be. The master bedroom is a light blue that matches our bedspread and will look great with all the dark furniture we have! By the grace of God we ran into one of the men that has been working on the house at Lowes one morning and he told us to have them tint the primer, which in turn saved us a step of painting. Instead of painting primer and then having to do two coats, the tinted primer took care of the primer and the first coat. It also saved us money which is always good!

All in all we got everything done but the guest bedroom and bathroom!! I couldn't have done it by myself, that is for sure. My family was phenomenal, with everyone coming to pitch in EVERYDAY, spending their spring break working as well! I don't know about you, but not many parents, grandparents, or brothers would do that willingly! I am so grateful to them and ALL THE HARD WORK they put in! It looks amazing and got done in half the time it would have if it had been just Mark and me painting.

I am on my mom's computer right now trying to upload the pics, but it isn't working! I will do it when I get home!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday (thanks Lee Ann)

Well I saw this on Lee Ann's blog and decided it looked too fun and I had to do it. Today is also the first "official day" of Spring Break as well which thus begins our week of painting our house in Harleton (pictures to come soon) Anyways, here this goes, I hope I do this right (Lee Ann will certainly tell me if I don't haha! Love ya girl!!)

Today I did not sleep in until 9:45 while my hubby got up and left at 7:30 for his first day on the new job at Harleton, that would be mean. . . nope totally didn't do that!

I did not up and leave my backpack, with my entire life inside of it (my Bible, laptop, phone charger, makeup, homework) in the hotel room in Oklahoma City on Friday night. Good thing that in-laws where there in case I just so happened to do such a crazy thing and bring it back for me. I would never leave something that needed, nope not me.

Mark and I totally did not come back to our apartment on Sunday to do nothing but chill out for the first Sunday in a LONG time. I mean honestly, if we were cleaning machines that day, not couch potatoes, enjoying a wonderful day of rest. That would not be us at all.

We also didn't sleep through the alarm for two extra hours on Saturday, not when there were two weddings to go to, and a drive to Vivian to make so Mark could be a groomsman, that would be completely irresponsible. Although I think one would understand after having to drive all through the night to get back for these things arriving at 5 in the morning, all to wake up with a jolt at ten realizing we shoulda been up at 8!! Yikes! That wouldn't be us in real life, that would be us in a bad dream. . .

I didn't go out to work on the house and forget the hammer that I had previoulsy said I need to get in order to take out all the nails and stuff in the new house to get it ready, that would be sorta silly and very frustrating.

Well there you have it! NOT ME MONDAY!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running Crazy!!

I feel as if my life has been going 90 to nothing for the past week and nothing is slowing down. In fact the more I finish, the more things seem to be added on my plate. I know I only have 9 hours and am living in a typical "love semester" but the past week has been crazy!

I actually hate the week before spring break or any other extended holiday for that matter. It is like the teachers all say "oh no, we need to have these grades in before midterm!" and begin to assign things like crazy! And they are not just small things, oh no they couldn't be those, they are projects an dall that just seem to pop up out of no where! Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it is how I feel!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Oklahoma City for the Cliftones to compete for Tate. . . this is really the reason why I feel as if I am going crazy; I have had to finish up everything early for teachers because I will be missing classes Wednesday and Thursday! I am so excited about this and nervous all at the same time! I cannot wait to get out there and take an early start to spring break!!! Please be in prayer for them!

Well I am at work, which is crazy, so I will write more later!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving On. . .

This past Sunday was our last Sunday at Macedonia. It was bittersweet, leaving the people we have grown to love there for a place we know we are called to be. I will tell you one thing, we have the absolute best Sunday School class anyone could ever ask for.

This past Sunday they had a pancake breakfast thing in our honor (ended up blowing the breakers, but hey that is half the fun huh). It was so special and they made SSSOOOO much food! I couldn't believe the generosity and love that was shown to Mark and me! It was beyond anything I had expected. I had truley made good friends there, that I was sad to leave and they were sad to have us go. The Sunday School was just a fellowship time, just sit around and visit with each other, which was wonderful. They then surprised us again with this little book full of notes and well wishes for us, as well as gathered around us and prayed for us. That was proabably the most special time of all. There is nothing like having good friends pray you out to somewhere you feel God leading you to go. They also announced it at the end of church and had people come by and wish us the best and say goodbye. All in all a bittersweet time, leaving a place with wonderful people, and being excited about heading out to where we are called to be. It is exciting and scary all at the same time.

I am still working on getting Mark and I a hobby. I don't know what is wrong with me lately (though I think it is senioritis) but I am just not wanting to do anything, nor do I have the energy in which to do it. But I know I need something other than school and reading that I do for fun. We have recently started playing tennis after he gets home, but I want something besides that. I dunno. . . I have been watching HGTV a lot and so I want to be creative in that way I think. I dunno!!

I also did Gillian's 20 min workout video (you know the kick butt girl trainer off The Biggest Loser), and "OH MY GOSH!!" Yikes! She is so hardcore, it is 20 mins of craziness with no breaks, I repeat, NO BREAKS. It was nuts!! Anyways, I did it, and liked it, and everything, until I woke up this morning, unable to straighten my left arm. The inside of my elbow is KILLING ME! Like completely! I have never done this before. Each side of my body is equally as sore except for that, which feels like I pulled it! I cannot straighten it, and do you know how many times you need to straighten your arms a day. Seriously putting on socks and shoes, getting cereal down, picking up your backpack, I mean the choices are limitless! HAHA!! Oh well, I still have to do it, but man I hope I can make it through!