Monday, January 20, 2014

Owen's Winter ONEderland Birthday

Oh my gosh people, I cannot believe it, my baby boy is 1!  Cue the tears!
My sweet precious little guy is now officially not a baby and I have to admit I am 
finding it hard to deal with at the moment.  

My sad Mama's heart doesn't negate the fact that we still had a party to throw!  I mean you 
only turn 1 once right?  And what a major accomplishment when you think
about what all babies accomplish in that first year of life!

I had been pondering what "theme" to do for this little laid back guy.  For his brother it
was so very easy because balls were all he played with!  But Owen likes pretty much
anything and everyone, so having something specific to him wasn't quite
as easy.  Luckily my mother found the cutest theme of a Winter ONEderland on pinterest
and we just went from there.  Isn't pinterest awesome?

This was by far a super easy party thanks in part to the principal at the elementary school here. 
She loves to decorate anything and everything and she had all of these decorations on hand 
besides the table cloths!  My mother was gracious enough to bring them to me as 
well as help out with supplies for the party.  Her, my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and cousin
all helped set everything up the night before (I know, I really do have the best family).  I was
so thankful for their help because I had been laid up with a sinus infection for two days and
didn't get down there until late! 

Some of the refreshments.  I loved the water jug that was supposed to resemble a melted snowman!
We also had hot chocolate and chili, along with "snow" powdered donuts and pop-corn in snowman cups.

The banner said "Happy Birthday" with snowflakes behind it.  

We later put monthly pictures I had taken of Owen on the tree to show his growth!

The DELICIOUS cupcakes our friend and surrogate "grandmother" Lolli made for us!

My Birthday Boy!

What party would it be if there wasn't train ride!

I had some handsome help opening presents!

Ready for some cake!

My friend, Shaina, made his darling smash cake which was also DELICIOUS!

HE was nasty, so nasty that I didn't want to get him out.  My brother did that for me.

It was definitely a two man clean up job!

Reid and his two favorite people in the world basically!  They get married in like 47 days!  Woohoo!

All in all, Owen had a terrific birthday!  I couldn't have done it without help, especially from my mom
who bought banners, table cloths, made gum favors, and everything in between.
Seriously she is the best and I am so thankful for her and all her help.

We are so blessed by our little man and are excited to watch him grow up into a wonderful man of God!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Slow Motherhood of Littles

Guys, let me tell you something, motherhood is special.  Especially motherhood with littles.  I think it is one of the hardest times in life, as well as one of the sweetest times. 
I am not sure how God does that, but it happens and there are some days you have just especially
special glimpses into what life is really all about.  

This time in my life I feel as if I am constantly behind, trying to stay one step ahead,
and teach, and train, and listen, and correct, and smile, and play, and. . . 
That list could go on and on!  However, something is happening to me, something I 
didn't really see coming honestly. 
I am starting to "mellow out" as a mom. 
While I don't mean I am becoming lacks on what my children do, how the respond, or behave
I am talking about how I am learning to stop.  
To take the time to listen and join in on their little laughs, to see what is bringing so much joy.
To run for my camera instead of for a correction when I see toilet paper 
strewn from the bathroom to the living room in one long strand.  
To take the time and just be with them.  

I know this is not a shocking revelation, especially to some of you older moms.  
I understand now that although I have a duty to my home, I must first love my children.
And oh I want it to be said of me that I loved them well.  That I took time, listened
sought out their hearts, and opened up mine.  I need to realize I have the
chance now to watch them play without the added stress
of school work, practices, sleep overs, and everything else that comes with "older".  
I must enjoy this stage, because as hard as it is and as slow as it can be, that is where the beauty
lies.  In the slowness.  In the monotonous.  In the constant training, listening, correcting, and loving.
God, please don't let me miss it.  Please don't let me wish it away for someday
when things will be "easier", when they are bigger, when I am not spending
every moment of most every day in their presence. 
 Help me to realize.   

This life is fleeting.  These moments won't come back.  These times of littles will 
soon be a distant memory.  And I pray I am there.  That I will be all there.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

 I hope everyone's Christmas season was a good one!  We are working on getting back into the swing of things around here, as well as finding places for all the wonderful goodies the boys were given. . .  My mother took a ton of pictures of all the festivities that happened around here, so I am going to do them in all in different posts since blogger is taking FOREVER to download pictures now (anyone know what is up with that?).  I decided to start with Christmas morning since it is just our boys and both sets of grandparents.

We didn't get much for the boys this year. . . Just a few necessities and things they really wanted.  I am not a big "toys everywhere" kind of person and like to try and keep the common areas of the house from looking like two littles live here. . . Believe you me, these boys aren't lacking for anything, they got so many things this year it was unbelievable.

Isn't he handsome with his "devil horns"

We found a pea coat at old navy!  Best thing ever

Opening up his brother gift

I made both boys a cape this year. . . Reid has been less than impressed.

Reid opening up the main toy we were excited to get him, a microphone stand!

This of course wasn't everything, but all in all we had a very sweet and relaxed Christmas morning. . . I was so ready for Reid to have the microphone.  He plays his guitar (which he got a new one for Christmas from Noni) almost every day and wants to sing into his microphone like Daddy!  He used to make us hold a play microphone, but of course that got old very quickly.  Then we tried to rig it to something or make him pretend he had one (wrapping paper roll stuck in the toy box worked wonders for a while).  Then Mark stuck a microphone in his boot in his closet.  Finally he was able to have this one, and oh how he has liked it!  So much fun to listen to him going to "practice" in his room.