Friday, March 2, 2012

Read about Reid: 17 Months

Ok so it has been quite a while since we did one of these, but that is ok, because now you will see how much he has learned.

Just so y'all know, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the toddler stage!  I honestly didn't think I would at all, but it really has been a joy.  He is doing so much more, is able to understand most of what I am saying (though I cannot say the same for him, he is babbling stuff like crazy, but I have NO IDEA what any of it is), can follow simple commands, plays with toys, loves to read, the list goes on and on.  So without further ado, here is what Reid can do at the moment

  1. The boy can throw and ball and throw it well.  He throws it hard and is pretty accurate.  Mark nor I taught him that, but he has a natural follow through, which I think is pretty legit.
  2. He is GREAT at kicking a ball.  He kicks left footed always and once again kicks it HARD.  I think he takes after his daddy.  Mark never taught him how to kick, but says he "approaches it" (I think, he isn't here so I can't ask) which means he basically walks up and kicks through his stride (does that make sense), doesn't stop then swing his leg.  Apparently that is a pretty good skill.
  3. He can shoot a ball too! He got one of those little Tyke basketball goals for Christmas from my grandparents, a gift that was supposed to go to their house as soon as it was opened, but alas, he received it and played with it for 3 SOLID HOURS!  People that is a record for anything to hold his attention, especially 3 hours worth!  Needless to say it came to our house and is still here.  We play with it everyday at least once, if not 5 times.  
  4. He is getting MOLARS.  Oh they are the devil, seriously, I hate them SSSOOO much.  They hurt his little mouth and his gums get SSSOOO swollen it is ridiculous.  I feel bad for him because on those days he is just super cranky (though he sleeps great at nap which is a plus).
  5. Speaking of naps, we have been down to just one afternoon nap for a while.  He usually goes down about 1 or so and gets up around 3ish.  Nap time is nice, always.
  6. He loves books and definitely has his favorites.  His absolute favorite is "Where's Spot?" a lift the flap book.  He can read that over and over and begs for it (and we hide it. . . often. . . there is only so much finding of Spot we can take).   Another favorite is "I Love You Through and Through" which has a little boy with a teddy bear (bee-oor), but this one he likes to read with "Babby" otherwise known as Abby.  She is one of our youth that is over regularly and he adores her!  Adores her so much he said "Babby" before he said "Mama" or "Grammy".  Anyway, it is no big deal to go and find him sitting by his bookshelf pulling out countless books, and reading them to himself.  So cute!
  7. He has recently started to like T.V. some.  To him the T.V. is called "Memo" because he watches "Elmo" aka Sesame Street while he eats breakfast in the morning. He doesn't ever make it the whole hour, just maybe the first 20 minutes (if that) but he likes it.  Another favorite is Barney.  We bought a portable DVD player that hooks to the back your headrest for the car and seriously that sucker is worth it's weight in GOLD.  Makes long drives so much easier.  Lydia, Jenni, Meagan, seriously you should invest, you will thank me later!
  8. He likes to dance.  Seriously, he has some moves.
  9. We started talking about colors today.  He can say "Blue" (bwoo) and "Green" (geen).  
  10. He knows where is eye, ear, nose, mouth, chin, cheek, hair, tounge, knee, belly button, fingers, toes, and foot are on his body and can point to them accordingly.
  11. He knows so many words and learns new ones everyday (hence the word "geen" today).  A few things he says new are: bear, rock-rock (ock, ock), Scott (cott), dog (da), bird (bawr, kinda sounds like ball, but it's bird), banana (na-na), Nina (Mark's mom), Gi (my mom), Papaw (my dad and grandfather), Pops, Poppy, Noni, and Ballou (ba-oo, my grandmother), juice (he somhow rolls his J and is sounds something like broosh, but in a weird way), bath (bah), shoe (kinda sounds like juice), and a few more I am sure I don't remember.
  12. He can blow his nose when I ask him too (great skill to have!)
  13. He can also blow hot food.
  14. He can use a fork and spoon and will not let us feed him anymore for the most part. 
  15. He loves to sing and makes up his own tunes and words.  
Well there you have it.  I know I haven't put everything on here, but I just wanted to commemorate where we were at this point in life.  It is a sweet precious time, one I wouldn't trade for the world!