Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things About Me

I saw this going around, I was bored at work, and I enjoyed reading those written by other people, so I thought I would give this a try.
1. I am sure of my salvation! I am a child of God, and doing my best to please and honor Him in my daily life, but fail miserably. Thank goodness He forgives and His mercies are new every morning!! I love Jesus with all my heart, and desire to have others come to know Him as well.
2. I have lived within the same 10 miles for pretty much my entire life. I grew up in a small town and loved being there. I now attend a university that is 10 miles away (by default, I went to one an hour away and was home more then I ever was when I came back).
3. I actually enjoy college and learning. I feel accomplished with the knowledge I have gained, and knowing there is actually some use for it. I want to eventually go and get a masters, time will tell when that one actually happens.
4. I love to be barefoot! Usually that is the first thing that happens when I walk in the door, the shoes come off!!!! I think it is a family thing because my entire family does it, even if there are people over, which is sorta funny.
5. I absolutely adore my parents! I love them so much, and have really come to appreciate them more now that I am married. I now see just how well they ran and managed our house, the great parenting skills they had, the love they had for me, the example, everything! I don't know how normal this is for all people, to be so close to their parents, but it is my normal, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
6. I love to go and get my hair cut/done. It is a weakness of mine for sure! The way you feel after coming out of a salon with great looking hair professionally fixed is awesome! I always just want to go and do something like a date or go out, just so people can see it! So yeah, I am one of those girls who will pay more for a good haircut! I just don't get it cut as often.
7. I just got married to the most amazing man ever! He is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I especially love the way he pursued me as his girlfriend, something I think every girl should experience. He loves Jesus, is a great muscian, and loves me! What more could you want? Oh yeah, height and muscles. . . he has those too!! :O)
8. Anything chocolate (besides pie and pudding) is my weakness! Put it in front and me and I can keep up with the best of them! I wish I really didn't like it as much as I do, because it sure doesn't help dieting purposes!
9. I have a slight addiction to pictures! Ok maybe a huge one! I love to look at pictures, print them out, play with them on the computer, anything! That is one thing I want to accomplish when I get a "real" house, have it FILLED with tons of pictures!
10. When it comes to cooking, I am not so hot. It's not the fact that I cannot cook, it's just I don't know how/don't have enough things I know how to cook. . . this is something I am working on. Quite frankly I really just don't enjoy it lol.
11. Writing is a release for me. I have adored it since I could hold a pen in my hand. It was my childhood dream to become an author. I have yet to be able to finish and complete a whole book (like with chapters), mainly I just have the story lines all in my head. One day though I am going to sit down and make myself write a complete story.
12. I have recently figured out I am way chill about certain things. . . like plans and schedules, if they don't happen in exactly the right order (everyday life plans and things) it is ok with me. This sometimes is the cause of disagreements between Mark and I because he is very used to having a plan and following it. Something we have had to work through and around since day one.
13. I can touch my tounge to the top of my nose. Yeah I know, weird, but I can do it. Don't worry I've never stuck it IN my nose. . . How gross!!
14. I like to train dogs. Basic dog tricks and things of that nature I can teach pretty easily. I have taught both of my dogs to sit and lie down. Bear, my Pomeranian, I taught to do that plus high five, shake, crawl (like army crawl), and roll over. Then I went away to college and mom gave him away lol. Now I am working on my dog Gizmo, who is harder than Bear because man does that little dood have an attitude.
15. We do have a dog who cannot live with us right now in Married Housing. I hate not having him around! Mark and I both love him to death, and want him with us. My Noni has kept him for us until we live in a place where we can have a dog. Gizmo is a miniature Shi Tzu and ohh sooo cute! I really wanted a Yorkie, and honestly never really liked Shi Tzus until I had one. They are fluffy, but don't shed, they are calmer, and not as yippie. The only thing about this dog is his ATTITUDE! He used to growl like a goblin (hence his name), but I think we have finally gotten him past that.
16. I enjoyed where I went to school at. Most people at my school would beg to differ, but I think it was a great place to be. I understand the reasons they wouldn't like it though that is for sure. I graduated third in my class, which is right where I wanted to be so I could give the class history speech and make people laugh!
17. I met my best friends in college. Who knew you could become so close to people you didn't grow up with? The girls I have met here mean the world to me, and have made my college experience AMAZING.
18. I had the best wedding anyone could have ever asked for! It was beautiful, and everything I ever wanted it to be! There was music, pictures, people, a huge dress, and most of all it was personable. I wanted people to come there and know our story and feel a part of such a special part in my life. I think this was accomplished through slideshows (2 to be exact), our officiant (Mark's roomie and one of his best friends who had just gotten married a month before), and Mark singing me a song he wrote when he was 14 that I hadn't heard before.
19. I want prettier handwriting, always have, always will. I envy the girls I see that have such cute notes and pages, you know that type of handwriting that would look good enough to put up on posters and stuff. . . I know, I'm weird.
20. I am a hopeless romantic. I love it when I get little notes, flowers, anything like that. I'm a girl, so sue me. . .
21. My brother and I have gotten a lot closer since I left for college, and again after I got married. Shouldn't this work the other way around? Needless to say, I am glad it didn't.
22. I really, really, really, want a dishwasher! I hate doing the dishes, detest it! I told Mark the next place we get HAS to have a dishwasher, no exceptions. I mean really, what a great invention that I didn't know was so great until it was taken away :-(
23. One day I am going to go to Washington D.C. It has been my dream to go since the 6th grade and one day I will make it there. I want to go see it all, especially the Holocauste Museum, and the Smithsonian. The history behind our young nation is fascinating, and I just want to see it all for myself. I would also love to go to Boston to see the historical sights there, but I will just take it one trip at a time.
24. I am so ready to graduate from college, and mad that I will be here an extra semester. I wish it were different, and that ETBU wasn't so gay about the rules and way they do things. I hate that one student in a department can take 21 hours in order to graduate on time while another one can't/hasn't been allowed. I hate that it is up to just one person to decide your fate and when you will graduate, and the fact it doesn't seem to matter how hard you have tried, how many hours you've taken, or how well you've done. Sorry I will get off that soap box, it is just irritating.
25. Electronics, gadgets, and things like that are hard to keep me away from. I enjoy looking at and playing with the newest phone, or the coolest MP3 player, or adding new stuff to my computer. This is supposed to be reserved for boys, but oh well who cares. . .
There, 25 things about me. That was sorta hard, but I liked the challenge!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wishing there was something to do. . .

I have been watching HGTV and stuff like that a whole lot here recently. Who knew a light semester would result in downtime?!? Haha!! Anyways, I was looking at all the different places people live/ buy homes, and listening to their reasons for living there, what they like to do, and the hobbies they pursue. Like this one retired couple bought a vacation home (houseboat to be exact) in Seattle as a weekend get away place. They love the water, and really wanted to be on it. At the end it shows them kyacking and saying "you can go out for a morning exercise before breakfast, or ride to lunch accross the water. . ." It made me think, what a cool thing to do! I wish there was something like that around here. A hobby of sorts that people could do and keep up with. Or perhaps muesuems would be nice, or exhibits, or really just anything besides going to the movies or antique shopping (both of which cost money each time you do them).

I called Mark and was like "Lets move somewhere near the water!" But then neither of us could settle on a location we both liked (go figure). So for the time being we are still here in good ol' east Texas! It really is not so bad, I love where I grew up and was never bored at all, but now the years of sports practices and activities are gone, leaving me wondering what else is out there. I would like Mark and I to have a hobby that we could do on the weekends, or when he got home from work, or something of that nature. Something that relaxes both of us, who are spent after a day of work and want to do something for ourselves. Something cheap that isn't just walking around a park or something like that. A real, true, hobby to do as husband and wife. Let me know if you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them!!

This past weekend at Glen Rose went amazing! The group of kids were great, as well as the leaders and adults who were there. Everyone was so appreciative and laid back, so that made it relaxing! It is nice whenever the guys are able to get together and not only see and talk to each other, but practice as well. With everyone living hours away from each other, the task of getting everyone to come down at a certain time is not easy. I have also found being the band at a retreat is LOVE!! You are able to do a ministry, interact with kids AND the adults, listen to a speaker and learn something, PLUS you get to go back to your own room and actually sleep! I know, isn't it wonderful!?! I love that I am able to go with them, and they want me there! I couldn't ask for better in-laws. I am going to talk to somebody about teaching me how to play the keys as well, in hopes I can learn enough to oneday help out if needed. . . we will see how that goes, but I am super excited about learning!

As of right now all is well at the Clifton House. We are still in married housing (which seems to be getting smaller by the day), and making it. I looked at Mark yesterday and said "Is it still weird to think that we are married? He said married, not really, but like that I am married, yes that is still odd. I told him it is weird to think that we are actually making it on our own (for the most part, thanks to Mom and Dad for letting me stay on their insurance!) and we are surviving! God is good, we know this and know it well!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Days and Being Married. . .

Well true to the title of this post, both Mark and I have been through the ringer this week as far as illnesses go. It is the first time for me to see him sick since we have been married, but I am getting too far ahead of myself. I called Mark on Wednesday and told him that I blamed him for my runny nose and congested head, even though he denied having anything to do with it! He ended up getting to cut out a little bit early to come home and "take care of me." Little did I know what the night held. . .

When he got in the car he said he started feeling funky, but it was no big deal, and came home and checked on me. Well after about 30 min being home he headst to the bathroom with "bathroom junk" if you know what I mean. So I ask if he is ok, he says he feels a little odd but is fine and lays on the bed. This is highly unusual for my active man, so I knew something was up. After hearing his stomach felt strange I traveled over to Channin' and Brad's to get medicine, got the pink stuff, and went back. I also started looking for something besides our nice, pretty, and new bathroom trashcan for him to throw up in. What I found was only makeshift, but it did it's job, Wal-Mart sacks doubled up. It was a quick fix, and needed because all the sudden he was back into the bathroom and well. . . you get the idea. I felt ssssooo bad that I couldn't do anything to help him, and hearing him broke my heart.

So now at this point it is 10:30 and I am at a loss of what to do. We have NOTHING for this, I mean I didn't even have the pink stuff in my house! I get scared, and so what is a girl to do but call her Mama. I felt bad for the late call, but luckily Mom answered and had compassion on us, sending Dad with 2 Lomatil and a Finagrin (sp?) pill to us at 11. She also said, "This is going around and it is bad. Just prepare for a long night." How prophetic her words would turn out to be. As dad is on his way I look around and finally find something I am willing to allow to get "messy", our mop bucket. . . I know I am terrible, but it heck it is better than Wal-Mart sacks. Dad gets here, gives us the medicine, I get it in Mark, and he sleeps. . . for about and hour or so. I am drifting off to sleep on the couch when I hear him back in the bathroom.

I jump up to go help (as if there is just a whole lot I can do), and the only thing I know how to do is get a wet cold washrag and put it on his face and neck. This continues, and we try the finigrin, which comes up 15 minutes or so after it is taken. I prepare him a toothbrush and he hops in the shower to feel clean and hopefully better. Then we go back to the Lomatil and pink, because that seems to work. By this time it is almost one and I am pooped (he was supposed to be coming home to take care of me remember!). He gets out, and I run his belly (per his request) and wait until he falls asleep. I then go back to the living room couch, and fall asleep around 2.

The next morning I wake up and make it to work a little after 8 feeling as if I am about to die. I kept telling the ladies in my office "I am dying, I really am!" They just laughed at me, which I would have too considering how pathetic I was. In the midst of all this mess there is a bright point. My boss comes through and tell me they changed my financial aid some and asks if I saw it. I said I looked but didn't see anything too different. She said "You might wanna go and look again." I sit down at the computer, pull up my stuff, and low an behold there is a CREDIT in the businesss office! I take it to Mrs. Nancy and said is this what I think it is!?! She said because I neither declined or accepted a certain loan, they did something with it, and in its place they put scholarship money!!! Hallelujah!!! Mark and I owed 1 monthes rent ($480) and $181 for my school this semester. Now there is a credit and I am able to get the one book I lack having for my classes! God is SSSOOOO good and reminds us of that again and again! I couln't believe it! I ran and thanked my boss declaring I work in the "best office in the world!!"

However we aren't done being sick. This was my longest day of classes from 9:30- 3:50 roughly, I would be in a class. Nothin I was too excited about being sick!! I made it through the day, just barely, feeling woozy. By the time I made it back home I was exhausted and sick. I called my wonderful brother and asked if he would go and get us some medicine and drinks for Mark and I at Wal-Mart. He went and got everything we needed! I was so greatful, and thank God I have wonderful family that is so willing to help. I got the meds in me before my sickness started, and after another night on the couch (I didn't want to sleep in Mark's sick germs) I am feeling much better!

We are heading out to Glenrose today for the Cliftones to play a winter retreat. I am so thankful we are both well enough to go!! Mark took today off as well to recooperate, save his energy, and to make sure he didn't contaminate other people. So yeah, here is to sick and being married.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ramblings. . .

As I lie in my nice, soft, warm, roomy, beautiful bed the night before I start classes for this semester, listening to my husband snore I wonder something.  Have you ever thought at random points in your life, "What would this look like if it were written out in novel form?"  I am a writer, I love to write and have ever since I was young, so maybe this is why I think of this, and if no one else thinks this way it is totally understandable.  It sometimes just hits me at the oddest times too, like driving down the road. . . "As I leaned in to turn up the radio, trying to drown out the noise from the long day and . . ."  well you get the picture.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a real author, to be able to finish a whole story, not just a chapter here or there.  I wonder how other writers do it, how they sit down, develop characters, and lengthy plots and not get bored or run out of ideas.  So yeah that is my rambling from my very messed up and tired head for the day.

As Mark and I are married longer, I am noticing, and I think he is to, this whole husband and wife thing isn't always the biggest piece of cake!  Even as newlyweds, we have hit rough patches that are hard to break through.  I hate those!  I hate it when it feels like we don't care as much as we used too, I hate it when we argue at times, it is all the enemy trying to get at us, to bring us down, and I am ashamed to admit he has succeeded at times.  Yet we are both trying harder.  Believe others when they say marriage is work, but also know it is so worth it.  I love him more today than I did yesterday, he is my one and only, my soul mate, my adam, and I his eve, the one God made for me, my long awaited husband, my life partner, protector, leader, hero and so much more.  God is so good and has given and is continuing to give more than either one of us could has imagined.  He is amazing, and we don't praise Him enough!

Right now in life we are working, going to school, and trying to stay healthy.  All of which are hard at times.  I am about to start in with 12 hours, the lightest course load I have ever had, and Mark returned from a doctors visit with $87 worth of meds.  Poor boy, he has a skin issue (like dried skin on his belly some), a pulled hip muscle, and a post bronchitis  infection for which he received a shot in the hiney for at the doctor.  We almost had $187 worth of meds, but thanks to a helpful pharmacy tech, we were told to get dimatap for an almost non existent cough instead of a $100 bottle of cough syrup.  Honestly that better be gold in a bottle, because who has ever even heard of such?!  

Well he has sense rolled over is no longer softly snoring as he was a few minutes ago.  This might have to be a couch night for me.  He is just ssssoo stopped up, there is nothing he can do!  I hope he gets better. . . and soon!  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wonderful Thing

Today has been a pretty good day so far. Really a whole lot has not gone on. I got up to the smell of eggs and bacon having been cooked. Mark is doing P90X workout so he has to eat that for breakfast. Anyways I got up because I love the smell of breakfast, but never thought I would get any, I knew the only reason Mark fixed it was because he had to. Anyway, I stumble out of the bedroom, sleepy-eyed, and low and behold there are not one, but TWO plates of bacon, eggs, and toast! Talk about a joyous occassion! I was sssoo excited and perked up real quick! I do have the best husband in the world!

Anyways, so I quickly ate, got ready, and headed to work. I get here for yet another day in the office. Thankfully it is not as busy as it could be and because we are going paperless, a lot less filing! This got me to thinking however what a wonderful thing the mind is. Seriously, I had a few questions of passwords and how to assign certain documents the first day, but literally other than that, I have just jumped back in as if I never left. I cannot believe I remember how to do half of the stuff, it just comes back. God is amazing that way though, to think He made our minds and all that is within them, all the capabilities and everything is just awesome! I am just floored at how intricate the world is and how much more intricate God is than what we actually make Him out to be. I am so guilty of limiting Him to be as that of a human, with human limitations and how wrong I am for that. . .

Mark and I are still doing well. We brought in the new year with Channin' and Brad and are now just waiting on school to start again! It starts on Monday, but I will only have 12 hours, so that is a definite plus. Never before in my college career have I ever taken just 12 hours! It is going to be absolutely amazing!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Last 15 Minutes. . .

Today was my first day back in the Financial Aid Office and boy does it feel good to be back here! I cannot believe I was lucky enough to get my old job back, but I was and remember today why I like it so much! I love the ladies I work with, and besides forgetting a few passwords here or there, it is pretty much as if I never even left! It is great!

However, that still leaves that last 15 minutes of work, when on a slow day, it is just time well wasted. Hence, I took the time to update the good ol' bloggeroo. Tonight will prove to be a good night! First I am going to go home to my wonderful husband and fix dinner and be with him! Then at 6:30 it is time for an overdue get together with part of my unit group at Lee Ann's new place! I cannot tell you how excited I am to see my friends after the break and hear how everyone is. They will also have come back from their first official day of student teaching so that will probably be a hot topic as well.

I was secretly almost happy I was not student teaching today as I was waking up and getting ready at the time when all my friends were probably at their school already. However, I do wish I was with them still. It makes me sad to think about the next fall semester when I will be here, but no one I really know will. . . oh well thank God for student teaching, literally. I wish I could be joining them, but am excited for them. . . more to come later!