Monday, October 22, 2012

Belated Update

I know it has been a while since I updated.  To be honest our life has been crazy, and I have just not been in the mood for an update.  I feel as if I cannot be completely honest yet still, and so that makes me not want to write anything.  However, I know I will look back and wish I had more evidence about this time in our lives, especially as children are concerned.  So I will try to be as upbeat and positive as possible, even if it is not exactly how I am feeling.

Reid is now 2!  I honestly cannot believe it!  Seriously, when did this sweet bouncing baby boy grow up in to a toddler?  It floors me to think I have a 2 year old!  Am I old enough to have a two year old even?  He has learned to do so many new things too.  You always hear about the "terrible twos" (and not to say my kid is an angel, because he is far from it and we DEFINITELY have our struggles) but hardly anyone tells you how much fun two can be!  He is such a sponge, soaking up everything and anything we can throw at him.  He can talk in (mostly) complete simple sentences.  He is still one of the most coordinated kids I know, running, jumping, and throwing like a pro.  He has recently discovered the "run fast" and "get you" game, which he squeals with delight any time we play them.  He enjoys reading stories, and seeing family.  New playmates are always the best, and he badgers people until they play with him.  He is still sleeping in his big bed, not getting out until we go in a get him in the mornings (I attribute this wonderfulness to blanket time training!).  He is getting pickier with his eating habits, something I hope goes away soon.  He loves sweets, starches, and carbs, (and some fruit lol) so we are working on other foods.

"New Baby" is in week 25 in utero, and doing well.  For those of you who don't know we are having another little boy.  We have decided to name him Kason Lane (call him Kase at times) and are so excited about his arrival.  Of course we are nervous about going from one kid to two, and about "starting all over" again, we are ready to experience all the fun things we have already experienced with the Reid-Man.  I go in again in the middle of November to do the glucose test and to get another 4D ultrasound.  I am excited because this go around he will be so much bigger and we will see his little features better.  I am also excited because Mark will get to come with me since it is during Thanksgiving Break.

Speaking of Mark, he is doing pretty good. He starts clinicals this week, something he so is excited for. These past 3 months of class have been brutal, and he has been studying non-stop, taking tests constantly, just swamped in general.  He is still the best daddy, and now that Reid is a toddler, now has a constant shadow and little buddy following him around.  He travels to Shreveport on a daily basis, and stays with friends there two nights out of the week.  Makes for some lonely nights, but thankfully I have wonderful family to keep me occupied and fed.  Reid misses him too when he is gone which is never fun.  Hopefully this 5 week break, when all of us will at least be in the same city will be just the boost we need to make this final push into Christmas Break for him.  Please be in prayer for him, as he finishes, as he drives (that gas would go down too), and as he continues to lead our family like always.  I am continually impressed by what a wonderful parent he is and he is becoming.  I couldn't ask for better.

As far as I am concerned, I am doing ok.  Work is stressful, and ALWAYS busy.  Luckily I have a pretty good group of kids, and I feel a little bit more like I know what is going on this time around.  I do so miss being at home with my baby boy though.  I am glad to have had the time with him that I did.  I am ready for thanksgiving break so I can be with him all day again!

Well that is about all.  I will try to get some pictures up here pretty soon!