Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Been a While. . . Again

So I realize it has been quite a while yet again since I have updated the good ol' family blog!  I always mean to sit down and write and keep up with what is going on around here, because I KNOW one day I will wish I had more to remember these hard but fleeting years.  Things around here are crazy and fun and tiring all wrapped up into one.

Reid of course is growing like a weed.  I get told all the time how tall he is for his age and how athletic he is.  This is nothing new, but still fun to hear, especially since I have been short all my life.  It is spring here (kind of) in Texas and so all we hear all the time is "Can you come hit baseballs with me?"  It is a constant flood that we have to fend off to get him to do ANYTHING else.  This kid is serious about his ball.  When he was a baby Mark and I talked about how the one sport we would rather him not play is baseball because it is neither of our favorites.  Oh the irony!  It does help that he is seriously amazing at it.  Right now we are working on first time obedience, not asking why after every thing we ask him to do, being nice to brother, the alphabet, numbers, bible, and so on.  The warmer weather have had our weeks filled with a lot of play dates too which has been wonderful.  I enjoy watching him make little friendships!  He is still particular about clothing, doesn't like his shorts to touch his knees, is loving wearing flip flops again, can get dressed with minimal help now, loves breakfast, would rather talk than eat, says the funniest things, and has the best laugh ever.  He really is such a sweet boy and my breath catches in my throat when I think about how the Lord has blessed us through him.  We are so grateful for this strong-willed boy and have enjoyed watching him grow.

Owen, oh what is there to say about that little Mama's boy?  I am anxious how this next year is going to play out for him.  I can't decide if he is stubborn or lazy, and only time will tell I guess.  He is my little guy that is going to just take his own sweet time doing things.  He turns 14 months old today and only yesterday achieved pushing himself into a standing position from sitting.  He isn't walking, only has two teeth, won't talk on command (can, but usually won't do it when we ask), listens the first time when we say "no" usually (but totally yells about it), squeals an incredibly high pitched squeal when he doesn't get what he wants.  He can say "mama, night night, dada, nana (banana)", signs "more" and "all done", sings into a microphone, loves a ball, loves outside, plays Peek-a-boo, shakes his head yes or no, and is going to be so mischievous.  I told my mom I finally understand why she would scold me but laugh at my brother for the same offense, it is because I wasn't funny and he was!  That is totally these two, Reid just isn't naturally funny, but I can already tell Owen will charm his way out of a lot if I am not careful!  He is a sweet heart and we love him oh so much!

This has really been a growing season for us as a family.  We are working on routines and seeing what works for us.  I was walking by with a load of laundry after both boys were finally asleep at 9 and said to Mark "One day we are going to wonder how we did it."  Something that has been heavy on my heart is the fact this is just a season, albeit exhausting and frustrating, but still a short time in life.  I do not need to spend my time wishing away the days of little for big.  This is a season in life, one I will miss (though I am unsure I will ever really want it all back lol) when they are older.  I pray we are doing right by them.  I am praying for their little souls and character as often as I think about it!   I desire to grow Godly mean who love the Lord deeply.  The weight of that task is ever before me and on my heart.  Always.