Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At the Park

Friends.  They are special aren't they?  I am seeing this more and more as I get older and as I am now staying at home.  I desire for my little guy to be a good friend and to have friends, which is easier said than done when little brother can't move and Mommy is the only one around to play with, but she still has to get things done!  So I have found I need to be intentional about getting my son friends to play with.  The Lord has been so faithful in this area of our lives, especially now that I am back at home.

When Reid stayed at "Nana's" this past school year he was able to make a friend with her grandson, Grant who is two.  Grant's mom Shaina is another stay at home mom and would come up at the end of the day (they live right down the road from Nana's house) and bring Grant.  Sometimes Grant would just come up and play with Reid, which I loved!  The boys got to be pretty good friends, as well as the adults.  Mark and I would spend time talking to Dustin and Shaina when we went to pick Reid up and struck up a pretty good friendship.  After coming home, I knew I couldn't let that die, and so Shaina and I decided to start having play dates with the boys!  It was the best decision ever.  Grant and his brother (born a 3 weeks before Owen) Reese will come over to our house to play or vice versa.  This has been a great way for them to get interaction, learn how to be friends, and give us moms some adult time as well!!!!

We also enjoy meeting at different parks, packing a lunch, and letting the boys loose!  Good nap time insurance in my book!  We have a blast watching the big guys play and run and jump and just be boys! I am so ready for cooler weather so their little faces won't get so red!  We are so grateful for new friends and this sweet time in life.   It is busy, it will get busier, but we are loving it and soaking it all up, because it will be gone so soon.

Eating our peanut butter and jelly lunches

Playing in a fountain!

splashing each other 

The Littles

They got soaked splashing one another. . . Shirts off!

Can't get a good picture. . .

But the big boys tried!