Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dodge This

Well the dodge ball tournament was yesterday and it was a success!! I was so excited that several kids came that we hadn't seen before and everyone there really seemed to enjoy it! Mark did great at getting everything together and organizing it all! He even made the big sign himself and hung it up, which I thought was pretty creative. While the students were playing I was going around taking pictures and threatening everyone upon penalty of death if I got hit(need I say that I HATE dodgeball, terrifies me really!). All in all it was a totally great night and I hope the students enjoyed it as much as we did!

Right now I am at work trying to just stay awake and sane in the middle of scanning all of these files into the computer! It is nice to be in the airconditioning and all but sometimes I wish I was outside for just a little bit more in the day. Today is Wednesday and so that means church tonight! We are actually taking the kids to a community wide service in Hallsville called Downpour. It should be fun, and we will be able to see the students from the other churches we have been a part of the past couple of years there as well. All in all, should be exciting and a great experience I think.

I'm still currently trying to get a website up and running for the girls in the group. I have started one and updated it somewhat, but really want it to be a place the girls connect with and be interactive on. . . if anyone has any ideas please let me know them or feel free to offer suggestions. The site is so go and check it out and let me know if there is anything I can do differently. Well today is proving to be long and boring, so you might hear back from me!

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JenniD said...

Hehe this looks fun :0)