Monday, October 6, 2014

28 Weeks of Pregnancy and Welcome Fall, A Little School

Hello all.  Apparently I am no longer a good updater in blogging world.  I am becoming increasingly ok with it I guess, but still it hurts my writer's heart just a little.  This summer has just flown by since our last update and while things didn't stay so cheery (bed bugs in our couches, more on that story later, and having to take a van we bought back to the dealership and find a new one) I am still thankful for the time we had to spend with friends.  There have been a few things happening around our house lately so here's a snapshot of what has been going on.

I am currently in my 28th week of pregnancy and feeling pretty good.  There are the occassional nights filled with heartburn and the times she gets herself stuck up under my ribs, but as of right now a 2lb 4 oz baby fits semi-comfortably.  According to all sonograms and doctors visits she is growing well and is even a little bit ahead of the growth curve (by about a week).  I am thankful for new technology that allows us to know so much about our little ones before they are even here.  I pray for her every night and will continue to do so.  While I am nervous about having 3 children, I can't wait for her to be here!

28 weeks and all its glory.  

It is thinking about becoming fall here in Texas.  We will have spells where cold fronts come through, but I keep saying "surely this week will be the last hot week we have for a while."  While one can wish, the weather just hasn't seemed to have received the memo.  There have been a few days where we have been able to don our jeans and boots but mostly we are all still in shorts.  All I have to say is come on fall.  Sadly when we moved Mark placed my fall decor in an undisclosed location so I haven't even decorated yet besides making a fall wreath to hang on our door (which I must say I am super proud of).

We also started "school" with Reid September 1st and it has actually gone quite well.  He is an anxious learner and mostly tries hard for me.  I am working on reading to him every day and we end up doing sit down school (about 45mins at a time) three days a week, maybe 4.  Right now it is a very relaxed version, where if we can't get to it for some reason that day then we don't worry.  He has another 2 years until he would technically be eligible for public school kindergarten so I am not too worried.  We are using a free curriculum found online, which is pretty good.  The price is great so I am certainly not complaining.  I think next year we will order a pre-k curriculum to actually use to begin our homeschooling journey.  This year is just kind of a "kick starter" into it all, and we are still mostly just having fun.

The "school" corner

OK, every time we sing months of the year, Owen MUST hug Reid!  Makes everyone giggle!
First Day Smiles!

Calendar Time

If he does a good job he gets to color with markers at the end.

Where brother ends up sometimes while we work.  Usually he is sitting right beside us trying to be a part.

Tracing sand paper letters.  It really did help!

School and handmade super hero capes go good together.

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