Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

I have finally downloaded pictures from my camera onto my computer, so here a few of them. Some with captions, some without, all fun!

These first few are from World Changers!

These are the great kids that made up my crew for the week! We had a blast and got stuff done!

These are a two of Mark's face a couple of days after the incident! It is looking much better each day though!

These next few are some of what we did today. We got up, ate some breakfast, watched some television, and then talked about what we were going to do that afternoon. We have both been wanting to get out of the house and take Ellie to do something active and all, so we thought, "hey we should go to the lake, take a picnic, walk around, and swim, and have a nice little family day!" So we get up, make our lunch, get on lake attire, pack up Ellie, and step outside. . . only to be greeted by dark clouds, and a humid rainy day! We then felt like big dummies for getting everything ready for a lake day without looking outside at the weather! However, this does not discourage us long, and we decide to go ahead and go and make the best of it. When we make it there, it is dark and windy, not looking to good for our picnic day at all. We end up eating in the car, which actually proved to be a lot of fun, and we had a good time with it. After we finish that, we decided to get out in the rain and let Ellie out to run around! She LOVED IT! She just ran around, smelling everything, and inspecting all spots! We are getting her more accustomed to water, she isn't afraid of it necessarily, just gets tired of having to hold her own body weight and swim at the same time. We ended up heading out after a couple of hours of just good wet fun because the thunder wasn't letting up and we didn't want to chance anything! It was so fun, to just decide to do something spur of the moment, and the adapt to the conditions surrounding us.

This was our picnic basket

Me sad it was raining

Us before we all got wet!

And after a good day in the rain!

I have also purchased new items to help complete the look of our house, but haven't had the chance to take any pictures!! Let me tell you how excited I was to get the things I did! I went with my mother and the first stop we made was at Mardel, this new Christian and Education store in Longview! They were having a HUGE sale on teacher stuff so I just had to go! I was able to get many items for myself and a couple for friends too! Everything I purchased was on sale for five dollars and most things were over ten dollars without the sale price! I spent the some of my birthday money on this, and it was well worth it. Then we headed to Hobby Lobby which is right next door, and saw they were having a sale on their furniture! Inside the door was a hutch type thing that I had been keeping my eye on for the past month and a half. It had consistently been going down in price and was there marked down to $166 from $500. I knew this was my last chance to get it, since me and about 4 other women were eyeing it at the same time. I called and checked with Mark before purchasing it, but not without having another $20 taken off for various damages! I was so pumped, and it looks great in our kitchen! We then headed to the spot of the day that we came for, TJ Max where I had planned on buying stuff for our master bath since we having nothing for it! I ended up finding hand towels and curtains to hang up to disguise the washer and dryer spot. Mom was able to find another thing of curtains that were marked down to $10 from $17 and we got ours for that price as well! Since it was all purchased at TJ Max it was much cheaper then at an actual department store! It all looks so good and I am happy with my purchases!

Speaking of the curtains, they aren't just disguising a hole in the wall where a washer and dryer should be, but there is an actual washer and dryer there! Thanks to the GENEROSITY of my Noni and Poppy we are now washing clothes in our house for the first time in our marriage! They decided to buy a new washer and dryer and gave their old ones to us! I cannot tell you what an enormous blessing this has been, or how incredibly thankful I am for this gift!

Well I think that is all for now! Should be enough, don't you think =]

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