Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little long eh Jenni?

Well I was informed by my friend on facebook that my blog was a little neglected so I decided I needed to update it. There is nothing and everything going on at the Clifton household right now! One big on being my graduation from ETBU!! I cannot believe that I am actually old enough to be a college graduate, let along accomplish such a major thing in life. You know, I am not part of the elite statistic (at least it is elite in my mind haha) of "people who graduate college". The greatest thing is that I know I am leaving with a fantastic education that has prepared me for a job I love! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt education is my calling, is what I am supposed to do for the rest of my life, and something I am pretty good at. So yeah, there will be pictures to come of that for sure! Here are a few photos of the Christmas season around the Clifton's!

Above is an ornament from my Noni and Poppy's first Christmas tree, very special!

Below is our finished tree

This is the hutch thing we have in a our kitchen that me and a few youth girls decorated

Merry Christmas everyone from Mark and Kristen

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JenniD said...

Y'all are so cute!! And yes, that is much better. Since I don't get to see you...this blog lets me know what going on in your life!