Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Post of Pictures

Hello all! I know I am sparadic at updating, but I am telling you, no internet is the blame.  I have a thousand and one posts in my head and there is nothing I can do about them.   Sp I decided I would use what I have here at the school in way of pictures (aka my phone) and give yall brief updates.

Reid with my cousin Ty during a Lil' Cats baseball day.  He got to run out on the field with him.

He had so much fun!

The lady he stays with has a horse, and he, mommy, and daddy got to ride one day!

Weekly Saturday cleaning routine!  This boy loves to be carried

And is just the sweetest anyway!

Sometimes you gotta just let them play in the rain

First swim of the season with Daddy!

Family fishing trip!
We had Owen's Baby dedication at church (another post full of pictures to come)

I cut off all my hair!  Still unsure but too late now!

Someone can now peddle on their own1

We went to the Clifton Lake Weekend in Tyler and got some quality aunt and uncle time.  This is Blake with Owen Blake :)

I am planning on doing a post on this, homemade silly putty!  Reid loved it!

Love these boys!

Someone was worn out (and found their thumb, boo, but oh so cute!)

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