Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome Fall!!!

Fall is finally upon us! I am so excited! I really don't think there is anyone else more excited than I am. I am the biggest fall lover there is! It is my favorite, I look forward to it every year!! I so enjoy the change from hot to cold, watching the leaves change color and fall off the trees, every little part of it. If I could have had it completely my way, I would have had my wedding in November, my absolute most favorite month out of the entire year!

Anyways, enough about my crush on the fall season and onto life as we know it right now. There are plenty of things going on to keep us busy, all that come with the start of school, football, and cooler weather. There are classes to go to, parties to plan for and attend, youth events to go to and set up/break down, football games, little league games, the whole nine yards!! It is so exciting and reminds me of how much I love life in this little town. School is still going well too. This week I am taking on every subject, completely being the classroom teacher for a few days all on my own. I am a little nervous about it and how much stamina it will take, but I know it is doable, thanks in part to my teacher who has eased me into things, having me pick up a subject here and there until I now have everything! Pray for me please in that area!

Well I better get going to visiting with family! Hope everyone has a great week!

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