Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I'm Thinking. . .

I decided to do something a little bit different.

What I am thinking. . .

1. I am so glad I was able to make it to the test center in enough time to be able to take my PPR(Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) exam for to become certified to teaching. I thought the test was at 1 for the whole month I was signed up for it, only to find out this morning it is really at 12 and I have to be there 30 mins beforehand. It was 10:32, and it takes over an hour to get to Tyler, which is where I was taking my test! Can we say panic much?!?! Yeah, luckily I made it and they let me in and take the test, which I think I did ok on. We will see the results in a week or so, therefore everyone keep your fingers crossed!

2. I am so thankful for the beautiful day that we are having! I love fall!! It is my absolute favorite season, although I am sure I have already said this. It is getting cooler, less humid, and I am a happy girl. I am ready for the leaves to start changing and falling off the trees, that will make me very happy.

3. I am sssoooo ready to go to First Monday Trade Days! I have a shopping list already of things I am going to be looking for! We are going tomorrow and I am so excited! I will be looking for these special shoes for my up and coming teaching career. Also any other tid bits for my home and classroom will be scouted out as well!! Super excited and ready to go.

4. I had fun tonight with my husband visiting some really good friends from Tyler. I love just sitting around a fire catching up and talking about random happenings and topics. I miss them a lot and wish we had them closer to us. Sometimes it is a little tough being back home in Harleton, because although I love my home town and don't desire to be any other place, I miss my friends and not having hardly any married friends that live around here. Life is good though, I can't complain.

5. I am ready to start teaching. I am ready to get into my own classroom, with my own students, and bringing home my own paycheck. I am excited to be able to finally start contributing something to our bank account. I am super excited about my career, and am just ready for it to be here.

6. I am ready for Monday to be here. NO not because it signifies the start of another work week, or due to the fact I just totally miss my first grade babies so much of the weekend lol (though sometimes I do), no it is because that is the day we are scheduled to receive a home phone, cable, and INTERNET!! YAY!!! No more long times in between posts or having to post on the fly, or at the church, or packing up my computer to take to my mother's house! I can finally get farmville on facebook too!! It is going to be a glorious day.

7. I am sad I didn't get a chance to Skype with Matt and Sarah today, our friends who moved away to California so Matt could go to seminary. I miss them a whole whole whole lot, but I know they are right where God wants them and am excited for this new and exciting adventure. So Matt and Sarah, know I love you guys a lot and we miss you tons!

8. I am beginning to think I need to really start becoming more conscious of my healthy, and living a more healthy and better lifestyle. I need to start eating right and exercising now, while I am young, and get into a routine, that way it wont be so difficult a few years down the road. Even if it just starts out as learning how to eat right, that is fine.

Well I guess that is really all that is on my mind for now. . . Hopefully on Monday I will be able to post something from the comfort of my own home on the couch! Time will tell!

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