Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Really Really Really Like Weekends

Ohh weekends! I cannot tell you how much I really like the weekends. They are something I look forward to each week,and am so thankful for when Friday finally rolls around. We have had a good time this weekend, just really doing our own things until Sunday, which we spent all day together then.

On Friday we had a home football game which also means we had the last 5th quarter as well. We ended up losing the game, the 5th quarter went well, but because of all of that we ended up not getting to bed until about 1 or so. However, I was able to sleep in pretty late on Saturday moning, and boy was it nice. Mark had to be in Shreveport early early for something, so he was not near as lucky. I then was able to start some laundry before I started getting ready for one of my really good friend's baby shower which was from 2-4. I went to that and had a blast!! Although it sorta made me really want to have a baby, all of those little outfits, shoes, and toys are just so cute!!! Sadly, this is not the main reason you have a baby, so I guess the whole starting a family thing will just have to wait until later (Mark is in definite agreement with this lol).

After I got home from this Mark and I started getting ready for a Halloween Costume Party that was at a friends house. We had planned in the middle of the week to go as Lucy and Shroder (from the Peanuts comics, the girl that always pulls the football out from under Charlie Brown, and the guy who plays the little piano) but at about 6:20 Mark looks at me and says "I don't really want to be Shroder. . ." Um, the party starts at 8, and I was really wanting to be there early to help her set up and stuff. Needless to say I start flipping out just a little because I had been in walmart not 30 minutes earlier and could have picked us up one!!! Luckily, some friends came to our rescue with a superman breastplate thing, and so he went as Clark Kent and I went as Louis Lane. We had a great time and got to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while.

Today was our church's homecoming. Harleton Baptist Church has been around 116 years today and it was a great service. We got hear a youth minister bring the message, some testimonies from various people in the church, and then eat some really, really, really, good food!! After church we just enjoyed a nice November day before leaving to spend the evening with some sunday school friends. All in all, what a wonderful weekend!!

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