Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weeks and Waiting

Well now that we are pregnant it feels like some of my life is now broken down into sections of weeks, how far along I am now, and how much longer I have to go! It is new, different, and exciting all at the same time. I am getting more and more excited as the weeks go on. I keep looking for slight and subtle changes in how I look and how I feel. I wish we went to the doctor every week just so I would know he/she is doing ok in there.

I am currently 11 weeks today. Only 3 more weeks until I begin the second trimester. I can't believe how fast time has already flown. Many things happen in the second trimester, most of which is finding out the gender of the baby. We go back to the doctor this next Monday and hopefully get to hear the baby's heartbeat via a doppler device. I am really very excited about this because it will be the first time we have heard the heartbeat before. I am hoping I have done everything right so far. Mark and I pray nightly for a healthy and happy baby who loves the Lord. In case I haven't said it enough we are excited about our new little addition and can't wait to meet him/her. Until then I will continue to just look all over the internet at baby stuff, nursery ideas, you know all the good stuff!

Teaching is going well. Teaching while pregnant is hard, because I am so tired, I don't want to do anything hardly. It makes it really hard to get up in the morning and get ready for school before the kids get there. The further along I have gotten the better it has been, so hopefully one day I will feel human again! Please pray for us as we continue on this journey and figure out how to do this thing called life and parenthood!


The Newsham's said...

I will be praying for you and your new addition!
- Jen

Lauren said...

The Luetchford's are praying for you! I love getting to read as your life gets more excited and crazy at the same time. Keep us updated on this new little Clifton! :) Love ya girly!