Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis The Season. . . For Sickness and Being on the Road

Yes, it is hear, the dreaded or loved Christmas bustle.  For us December is kind of crazy with family living all over various parts of east and central Texas.  We are busy busy, making the rounds and seeing everyone.  Such as right now, I am currently sitting at Mark's grandmother's computer (a huge iMac though, yeah be jealous) typing this, holding off feeding a little guy. . . Right now he is content in Pops' arms, but I can hear him working himself up.  This weekend we decided to take a trip with Mark's parents to Bryan and Houston, Texas to visit both sets of his grandparents.  We rarely see them, and wanted them to have a chance to meet baby Reid.  Well now he is really hungry, so  I better go!

* * * *

Ok back with a full baby.  Wish I could nurse him and type, but I am not that good yet.  Once again nursing story to come.  Anyway, we are on the road making the rounds, however doing this with a 2 month old presents it's challenges, especially when he is sick with a cold.  He has had the sniffles for the past 2 weeks or so, but last night it got real bad!  You could hear all the snot in his nose just stuck at the back (where the bugger sucker couldn't get to it) and him just trying with great difficulty to breath!  I felt so bad for the little dude.  I am at a loss of what to do.  I forgot the "Little Noses" at home, so I guess we will just keep the burp cloth handy for when those sneezes rocket the snot out of there!  The doctor said it was just that time of year, for the sniffles, just poor little guy!

Speaking of the doctor we went 2 days ago for his 2 week checkup.  The boy weighs 12lbs 7oz! That is in the 69th percentile people!  He is also 23 1/2 inches long, which is the 53rd percentile.  He did great and they loved him and he loved them, UNTIL he had to get 3 stinkin' shots.  It was so sad and so funny all at the same time, because he just wailed and then wouldn't make a sound (or breath) for 4-5 seconds, then take a DEEP breath, and wail again!!!  He only did that a couple of times, and then, though traumatized, he was fine.  He also had to take a vaccine orally, which they said was sour so they sometimes don't like it.  Not our boy, no he guzzled it down, no problem!  We then went home, where he whined and cried for a while and then finally fell into a deep sleep late afternoon.  Poor little guy was tuckered out!  

Well I better go back and enjoy the family, sorry no pictures, maybe next time!

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