Monday, May 9, 2011

Back At Home,Brother's Graduation, 1st Mother's Day, Reid's Baby Dedication

Today I am finally back at home!  I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back where I belong!  The past two weeks I spent up at the school were fun, but they were also so time consuming.  I had forgotten what it felt like to get up and have to be somewhere else for someone else every morning by at least 7:30.  No small feat.

So now here is what I feel like is the big question, do I miss it?  And the answer is (drum roll please). . . I thought I did.  You know it is so weird because after being back into the swing of things, I thought I did miss it.  A part of me did and still does.  When I actually got my heart and my mind right about being up there with kids 5 days out of the week, I really enjoyed myself.  But today, being back at home, back to wiping a poopy hiney, making upteen bottles, cleaning, thinking about dinner, doing laundry, and all those things I realized I am still right where I need to be.  Yes one day, I will probably be back in the classroom, because that is where I feel useful, where I am comfortable, where I am using the abilities I have naturally.  However, right now I am honing the ones that don't come naturally, the things I have to work at to become a better helpmeet to my husband and mother to my son.  I enjoyed subbing, but wouldn't trade places and go back, at least not right now.

So today has been fairly routine.  I have gotten the house somewhat back in order with the big things like deep cleaning the kitchen again and our bedroom.  I am grateful for a husband who kept things tidy around the house in my two week absence, otherwise it would have been quite atrocious.  Reid is taking his second nap of the day (hallelujah!) and I am taking a break to fill yall in.

My younger brother, Adam, graduated from ETBU on Saturday.  He too has a teaching degree, social studies 8th-12th grade!  We were so excited for him and his great accomplishment!  Reid did wonderfully during the ceremony, he slept through a lot of it, which is fine by me!  We all went out to eat afterwards.  I have a wonderful family!

Hugging the president of the University, Dr. Dub

His little mini me!

Waiting to walk

Handing his card to the dean (love her btw)

So happy for him!

Yea Adam!

My 1st mother's day was excellent as well.  Instead of the baby monitor noise doing it, I got awoken by a tap on the shoulder from my wonderful hubby who was holding a tray of breakfast!  He had gotten up and fixed me and omelet and french toast (I know girls, be jealous).  He, Reid, and I all enjoyed a semi quiet breakfast in bed before he had to get ready to go to church.  Mark was also kind enough to dress up for me!  He put on a nice shirt and tie (it helped we were dedicating Reid this morning as well).  I got dressed and then got the boy dressed and off we went to church.  Mark's parents met us for worship, along with his twin brother Blake (surprise) to all watch as we dedicated Reid.  It was so neat to say before the church "We give this child to the Lord, and will bring him up in a way that honors Him." Reid is also a 6th generation member, so that was equally special.  Mark also went down to the front to tell the church he wishes to be ordained!  It was special!  The pictures are all jumbled up, sorry!

Listening to the preacher.

Our music minister praying with Mark after his announcement!

Baby dedication!

Mark and his parents!


Can you tell he is just a little loved?
After church my parents had us and Mark's family all over to eat burgers and visit.  Everyone had a good time holding and spoiling that little boy rotten.  After they headed back to Tyler, we made the rounds visiting all the other mothers which live around here.  Of course he was loved on and spoiled all over again, so much so, he didn't take a nap at all.  Talk about your tired baby by the end of the day.  He went to sleep without a hitch that night!  What a wonderful and busy two weeks and weekend it has been, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

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