Thursday, October 6, 2011

Read about Reid: 1 Year

Right Now I should be doing plenty more things other than sitting down to blog.  However, when the boy is asleep I take the chance I have and run with it.  I cannot believe almost a whole year has gone by since he has been born.  It really feels like just yesterday he was placed in my arms after 9 long months of waiting!  The things we have been through in a whole year have been amazing too, some that I wish I could go back and relive, and others I do not care to go back and do over.  Here are some things about Reid that I want to never forget.

1.  The boy loves balls!  They are his toy of choice and it was the first word he said after "dada".  He can find one any where and wants to play with it instantly.  I love watching him be entertained by something so simple and to see his delight in it.

2.  He is now sleeping through the night quite comfortably.  We have finally reached the full 12 hour a night mark instead of 10 and for that I am SUPER grateful!  It is so nice!

3.  Reid can put away some food.  He likes most anything (berries are not his favorite.  We will work on that).  It amazes me how much he eats, it is way more than I eat that is for sure!  Some of his favorite foods are scrambled eggs, pancakes, bananas, grilled ham and cheese sandwhich, potatoes, green beans, taco meat, bread of any kind, spaghetti,  the list goes on and on!

4.  I love his little laugh.  He loves to be tickled and will giggle and squeal to let you know he is enjoying himself.  We have this silly came we play where I sit him in my lap and say "I" (while pointing to my eyes) "love" (cross my arms over my chest to make the love sign), and then I squeal "YOU!" and tickle him!  He goes crazy!

5.  There could never be a little boy who is loved more.  He has so many people around him that just want to eat him up it is crazy.  We are blessed.

6.  He is now toddling everywhere.  That just started last week!  It is crazy how one day they just decide they can do it, and go for it!

7.  He is also a strong little guy, he has muscles like you wouldn't believe.

8.  He loves to drive anything!  Going riding at noni's with poppy is one of his favorite past times.

9.  Swinging is also a blast.  There is a whole swingset set up just for him at Nana and Pops' house ready to be used whenever we are there.

10.  He is the best baby in the world!  I love how happy and joyful he is.  He brings so much to our lives, I know we will never be the same!  I pray that he loves deeply always, and follows hard after the Lord.  He is wonderful and I have been blessed by him this past year

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