Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun In Tyler

On labor day weekend Mark and I decided to take the whole weekend and go spend it in Tyler with my in-laws.  However, this wasn't going to be just any weekend, the whole Clifton clan (besides Blake who is a goober and decided not to come) AND their girlfriends/fiances were going to be in town!  To say this was a new experience for everyone is an understatement!  Seriously, for 4 years now I have been the only girl this family has had besides my mother-in-law, so now to have a house that had as many girls in it as boys was great!  I have to admit I was nervous about the dynamic, about how it would change, would the other girls like me, would we all mesh well etc.  What would you know, it did all come together and we all had a great time!  

Reid with his first real soon-to-be Aunt Melissa

If you could read his shirt it says "my uncle is a great catch".  Melissa is engaged to Wade Mark's oldest brother.

We got in some good reading time with Nana!

Reid with Scott and Wade, two of his many uncles!

This is Scott, Mark's second oldest brother and his girlfriend Katy

They are precious!

Wade and Melissa, love them too!

Daddy and Reid after church.

Just hanging around!
It's easy to see a good time was had by all!  I cannot believe how fast my little boy is growing up!  At the end of this week I will have a stinkin' 1 year old!  Where has the time gone?!?  Tell me does putting a book on his head make him stop growing up?

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