Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall is My Favorite

If you ask anyone in my family what my favorite time of year is, they would tell you fall!  I just love it! I feel like after being cooped up inside because of the horrendous heat for 3 months or so I can finally get outside and breathe (and not get bitten by something).  I also love the cold and crisp and fall clothes, jeans, boots, the whole 9 yards!  Here is just a tid bit of what all has been going on lately in iPhone pictures.

So while not really "fall" per say, this happened before church one night.  Reid got a hair cut from daddy and Owen needed one too so he had his first "daddy cut."  It was sweet and he LOVED it, thought he was as big as big brother, but he looks so old now!  I just need my baby back!

Daddy given hair cuts.

Big big boy now!
 Mark has been wanting to put a pallet wall in what will eventually be both boys' room for a while.  So a few nights this past week he has taken it upon himself to get wood up.  Now all that's left to do is stain it all.  I love how handy he is!

It finally got down to 60 or a little below after raining for 3 days straight and after sitting outside for a little bit I begged for a fire, the first of the year, the first in our new house!  I am a fire girl!  When we started looking for a house this was a must have.  I have never had a mantel before or a place to hang stockings or anything since we have gotten married.  After growing up with a fire place, I just love them and wanted the same for my kids!  Luckily Mark gave it and quite enjoyed the fire that night too.  We even got the  boys a special treat!

Roasting Marshmallows
Blowing out whatever Reid had gotten on fire

Owen approved snack!

Brother approved too

 On  one of the cold and rainy days we played in the rain and came in to take warm baths.  There was still a little bit of time to fill before lunch so we sat down and made pumpkin spice play dough.  Very easy and very fun!
Playing the drums on their play dough

I love little boys in jeans, boots, and hats.  Seriously had a vision of them when they are 8 and 10 after taking this picture.

Feels great for a picnic in the tree house.  
And then sometimes I need just a little me time.  I told Mark I couldn't remember the last time I went to a book store and just read (he thought it was crazy that I wanted to, this is something he has never willingly done lol) and that I just needed that for a little bit.  So he sent me off with a $5 to get a pumpkin spice latte and for and hour and a half I just enjoyed myself.  It was lovely!  

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