Monday, October 27, 2014

Reid Turns 4!!!!

Disclaimer: If you don't want to read a bunch of gooshy stuff about our first born that I feel I need to document as a mom then skip the first two paragraphs and head down to hear how we spent Reid's actual birthday.  

I cannot believe our sweet and precious 1st born is four.  I don't feel as if that much time has passed in between his birth to now, but man oh man how this dude has grown.  He is one of my greatest joys and I am so proud and thankful to God for the man he is becoming even now.  He is sweet, tender-hearted, strong-willed, a leader, a great friend, and a lover of family (especially his brother and his soon-to-be baby sister).  He has taught me so much these last four year. Sometimes I worry I am too hard on him, that I expect to much out of someone so small, that I am not doing right.  But God in His grace gives us minuscule hands at the end of the day that will place themselves on either side of my face to give me a kiss and say he loves me.  So undeserved and so blessed.  

A few things about Reid I don't want to forget.  His imagination has really taken off here in the last few months.  He is always "flying" around with some imaginary friend (Caden usually) and telling us all about what happened.  He likes to dress up in costumes as well, the dinosaur one being his favorite at the moment.  A ball can still entertain him longer than most things.  He is definitely all boy and as full of energy as they come.  By God's grace he is still napping (and I am praying he will until he moves out lol), and we have started "school"which he really has enjoyed.  He follows his daddy around from the time he gets home and loves to do whatever Mark is doing.  He is a pretty awesome eater, eating most anything we put in front of him.  He loves all things chocolate and sweet.  Helping me cook is always a treat for him, especially if we are baking something.  He enjoys crafts for a little bit or two, but needs to really be off running around instead.  He is great at helping me clean up and at doing his "jobs" every weekday (eat breakfast, get dressed, put away jammies, make bed, brush teeth, clean the table).  In case you can't tell we are pretty smitten.  

On Reid's actual birthday we woke him up an hour early so Daddy could see him before he left for work and give him his "present".  I am so glad we did this.  He had the best time getting to be with just us, even for a few minutes.  We had his door decorated and his present on the dining table, but I have no pictures, because we were taking video.  If I am able I will put the video up at the bottom of this post so you can see it.  In his bag was a dinosaur costume and scarecrow costume that I found at a consignment shop for DIRT CHEAP.  Mark and I were planning to take him out that night to allow him to choose a toy (something he NEVER gets to do) but I thought he needed something to open that morning.  It was a good choice, because we played in that thing all day long.  

Daddy helping him become a dinosaur

Stomping off to look at himself in the mirror

How he ate breakfast that morning.  

That evening while Owen stayed with Ballou and Papaw, we took him out by himself to chick-fil-a.  He honestly didn't  know what to do without "brother" there.  He told his daddy as they were dropping him off that Owen need to come too and that he would miss him.  He was so excited though that he never did go play, and talked non-stop to us.  After we left chick we went to target and allowed him to choose a toy for his birthday.  He literally went all around picking stuff up, saying that was what he wanted before finding something else.  With a little help we settled on a Chugginton train set and two chugginton trains to play with.  He was exhausted by the time we got home, but overall I think he had an awesome 4th birthday.

He's 4!

A birthday milkshake for the big 4 year old.

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