Sunday, November 9, 2014

Visiting Miss Joyce

Most of y'all know I am blessed to have the absolute best family in the entire world.  Seriously on both sides, they are just great.  They love my family and me fiercely and I am so grateful.  One person that is so special to all of us, especially to my boys is our sweet, beautiful, Miss Joyce.  This is my dad's grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my boys' great-great-grandmother.  She is 96 and just now moved from living on her own to an assisted living facility that is beautiful and is located just a few minutes drive from us.  We don't get over there as often as we should, but we like to go visit her when we have a chance.  

There is a big pond outside the back of the facility that is home to 5 ducks.  Miss Joyce watches them out her window and tells us about them when we go talk to her.  Along with snacks for the boys, she usually has something for the boys to feed the ducks.  They are very friendly, one came out and actually ate out of Mark's hand.  We always enjoy our visits and I want the boys to have these special memories with a grandmother that loves them so very much.  

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