Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reid's Roundup: 4 Year Birthday Party

This year Reid said he wanted a cowboy party and luckily if your birthday is pretty close to halloween it can be pretty easy and inexpensive to deliver such a request.  While he napped my family and I quickly set up a small party for him and a few of his friends.  I couldn't have done this though without my aunt Lori, who hosted it and helped get supplies as well.  My mom also bought many things and helped set up and tear down.  I am so grateful for my family, I really don't feel as if I say that enough. 

Kids Table

Everything here came from the dollar store! 

Watering Hole

Party favors.  They came in packs at the dollar store!!! 

Eating hotdogs

Opening presents

Love my Poppy

Panning for Gold

We took pea gravel and painted it gold. . .

I bought tin pie tins at the dollar store and punched holes in them .  The kids  LOVED IT!

He loved a fishing pole he received. 

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