Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh nothin. . .

So um not a whole lot has been going on, and everything has been going on all at the same time!! School for me has been pretty easy going this semester so far. Compared to last semester it is amazing! I don't have a different project to do every night and I find myself concerned by the lack of homework I am doing. I feel as if I should be doing some, but there really is nothing to be done!! I am not going to complain though, just count my blessings that it happened this semester while I am trying to plan a wedding and all!!

Mark started his new job this past Friday. . . His first full time job, and steps into the adult world!! I am so proud of him. . . He has done amazing even though I know he is overwhelmed at times. He handles these types of things so easily and calmly, it just amazes me. Please be in prayer that this job is everything he thought it would be and it continues to go well. He has been at a conference for it the past two days, but comes back tonight and I am so ready for him to get here!!!

Like I said not a whole lot going on, but hey you never know, that is always subject to change!!

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