Friday, March 28, 2008

It's getting closer!

The wedding seems to be slowly, but surely creeping up on us as we speak!  I think we are both now beginning to see the reality of what is really about to happen.  We had our first marriage counseling session with Bro. Scott yesterday and that went really well.  I am excited about getting to know Mark a little bit better and learning how to work through things with one another, and hopefully some tips and tricks of the trade so to speak.  I think for us though, that night was like a reality check in a way, though it wasn't until much later after the counseling session that it really all came around.  

I believe we both just realized what a huge deal this is going to be and what an undertaking it is to combine and blend two different people from two different families and live together in harmony as one.  The way his family does things is not the way my family might do a certain something so it can annoy him, which is perfectly reasonable.  I'm the same way with certain things that he does that I notice is different in the way we perform daily tasks.  It is going to tak a lot of work, we already knew that, but the reality of it being 2 and a half months away is beginning to sink in fast!

Another thing that I think contributes to this feeling of being overwhelmed and nervous in a sense is the fact that the job I was talking about in the previous entry didn't work out.  They lied to Mark about certain things, neglected to tell him really important points, said they didn't say certain things when they did, and was almost asking him to lie in a sense and so he wisely decided it was not for him.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with that decision to walk away when he did.  He was not happy at that job, and I knew that, so because I knew that I was not happy with it either.  Now  however it poses a new problem such as what is he going to do for a job, especially with it being so close to the wedding date.  

The reality of the matter is I think God is preparing him for something in his life, something that is solely just of Him and much more than he and I are even thinking about.  God has equipped him to be at this time in his life, given him a place to stay at my grandmothers, where he doesn't have to pay rent or anything of that matter until we are married which will be nice.  My uncle has allowed him to work for the technology department at Gilmer ISD for the time being, but that work ends next week.  There are some prospects in mind, so please just keep praying God's will is displayed clearly to Mark as he decides what this next step in life is.  This adds to the scariness of it all I think, but I am also excited to see what God has in store for him and for us as we journey closer to being husband and wife. 

Well I think that is about all for now!  Hopefully I will be able to update you soon with more good news on the next turn life has taken us on.  

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