Monday, July 28, 2008

Changes. . .

Soo, once again there have been changes in the lives of Mark and Kristen. God has been so good to us, answering prayers in BIG ways! First of all there is my one year of school left. For about the last year and a half, I have been in the process of trying to graduate on time after a schedule mess up from an old advisor. Anyways, there was a problem with classes and I was scared, if my new dean didn't allow me to take this one class simultaneously with the another one, I wouldn't graduate on time. Luckily, the new dean was VERY compassionate and overrode the system to allow me to take the class! I will graduate one time!! It will be a hard year, 18 hours instead of 12 in the fall and 12 hours istead of 6 in the spring, but I will be out of here!

Another blessing is with the cost of school and all. My financial aid package was phenomenal! The government realized how poor we were and gave us ssooo much help it is unreal. We are only going to have to pay $181 to the school, and get this, our rent is PAID FOR! From the aid given to us, my school, and our rent (except for the $181) is taken care of! WITHOUT LOANS!! HOLY COW, what a blessing!! God is sssoo good and providing for us in major ways!

Another way He has provided is with another job opportunity for Mark. He is now the Assistant Worship Leader at Macedonia Baptist Church. He will work with the youth praise team and something else, play the guitar in their morning service and lead the service when the music minister is absent! They interviewed him Thursday, offered him the job that night, and he started today (the Monday right after). It was all so quick, something we had been praying for earnestly for a while, and so completely God orchestrated! Please pray for him as he begins this new adventure.

So yeah, that has been the happenings so far in the Clifton household! Can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks holds!

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JenniD said...

Hey! You have a blog, too!! EXCITING!!! God is so good, I was just sitting here freaking out about our finances and I read your blog and it reminded me how He WILL provide for us...and I'm encouraged- Thanks for that!