Monday, July 14, 2008

One Month.

Well it has been one month to the day since we said "I do" to each other. I cannot believe how quickly time seems to just fly by! I can honestly say this has been one of the most fun months I have ever had and I cannot wait for the many more that will follow!! As far as what is new with us, well there are a few things happening.

First of all, we are getting a new bed!! We started out on a full size one, but were expecting a bedroom suite from my aunt and uncle sometime right after we got married! We are acutally going to get all of it tonight so that is exciting!!! It is a king size bed, complete with Mattress and all!! I cannot believe how blessed we are. The stuff is GORGEOUS, mahagony colored wood, and just beautiful. Mark said it is probably what we would have picked out for ourselves if we had gone shopping for a brand new one! I absolutely love it!! And the best part is it is free.

The second thing is that I got my schedule worked out to where I will acutally graduate on time!! And I will not have to take a ridiculously hard course this summer! I am so happy!! God has blessed me with an amazing dean who has helped me so much my 3 years at ETBU! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!!

Lastly, I am going to camp with the Cliftones! That was another surprise Mark had up his sleeve for me. I didn't think I was going to be able to go, but Mark pulled a few strings and I am now going!! Don't I just have the most amazing husband in the entire world. We leave Tuesday night to go to dallas, and then leave early from Dallas to drive six hours to the Sky Ranch camp in Quaw Paw ( I know I totally just messed that one up royaly) Oklahoma. We will be coming back on Sunday night!

We were both in Weddings this weekend as well, and say two sets of good friends get married away to the loves of their lives! It is all so exciting what God is doing in this time in life, I am absolutely loving it! God is good!!

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