Thursday, July 10, 2008

Woah. . . We're Married!!

Yep, that's right we actually did it, everything worked out, and on June 14, 2008 Mark and I tied the knot! It was so amazing, everything I could have ever wanted my wedding to be, and oh so much more!! The decorations looked great, the wedding party looked phenomenal, everything went off without a hitch! Mark sang to me as well, and for the first time in one of his songs to me I cried!! Or better yet, "bawled" according to Best Man Blake! It was ssoo sweet, so romantic, the perfect wedding, I am very very blessed.

We honeymooned in Shreveport for a couple of days, because Mark had to be back at work later in the week. It was so relaxing, I know one day I fell asleep for 3 whole hours! I didn't really know how exhausted I was until I actually stopped long enough to rest!! A wedding can really do you in! Another thing neither one of us really realized until after it was all said and done, was the amount of stress we both were feeling and how nice it was to now not have any. We were so amazed that we never fought ONCE on the entire honeymoon, sadly a far cry from the week or so before the wedding! We were able to stay in the Elderado Hotel and Casino, thanks to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Lori, and we were just lazy. We watched movies, I slept, we went out to the Boardwalk and bought new clothes, it was just nice!! We didn't want to come back!!

Come back we did though, to a group of friends and family waiting to see us and hear all about what we thought about the wedding and honeymoon etc. It is so wonderful to have both friends and family who will love and support you, especially in a such a big change as this one was. They have really helped easing into this whole marriage thing much easier to take and more fun.

Marriage life has been so amazing! You get to live with your best friend and find out so many new and exciting things that you didn't know before. You develop and even deeper love, trust, and bond than the one you had before the wedding. I didn't think it could happen, but it did. I loved Mark before, but I love him even more and in a slightly different way now that we are making our two lives one! I have never laughed so much with him, spent so much time, enjoyed his company, before now. I am really loving being a wife and having a husband. You just know it is so right and God really did pick you out for each other.

So what is coming up for the Cliftons? The band is playing at a camp this next week and I am getting to go!! I am so excited!!!! I didn't think I was going to, but Mark pulled a few strings of his own and now I am able to go!! I am also working on trying to finish as many lessons in the two distance learning courses I am taking this summer. There is just SSSOO MUCH WORK involved in both of these classes it is taking me alot longer than I expected! My brother and some others from my church are in South Dakota on a mission trip, they are having a blast and working hard, so that is another thing!

If you want to read more about the pre-wedding planning, you can go to this site and catch up on all my thoughts and things before the ceremony! Also I am going to try to get more pictures posted very soon! I have some, but am still waiting on others!

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