Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God is SSSOOO good!!!

Well it has definitely been a while, has it not? There is a good reason for it, because so much has been going on in these past two weeks that I couldn't really talk about, and I knew if I got on here I would say something accidentally. I have wanted to talk about it so bad, but couldn't until now.

Now that I have built yall up I guess I can let you know what is going on. Mark is changing jobs once again, but this time it is a little more permanent. He applied and got the job as the youth minister for Harleton Baptist Church. We couldn't be more thrilled! It all happened so fast, and not so fast at the same time. God really has been at work these past two weeks, that is for sure, because there is no way there is anything we could have said or done that would be as good as this! We are so excited to be starting on this new adventure in our lives, but are sad we are leaving our new found friends and youth behind at Macedonia. It truely has been a roller coaster ride, but one that is just so much fun, I gladly just strapped myself in and hung on tight to enjoy it.

The final interview type thing was this past Wednesday and I got to go with him to that one. It was really more of a "so what do you think about this event? how is this going to work" type of meeting then a "Hey here's the job" thing. The church announced to the youth and the rest of the church last Sunday they had asked us to come in view of a call (which we will be going to on Feb 22), so the youth wrote down some questions they had for him. I cannot tell you how excited we are to go and just get to know those kids in Harleton. I know a few of them, but not near as many as I used to, and I just can't wait! I know I have said it a million times, but this really is SUPER exciting.

On another note, because of the job change we will also be moving soon to the youth minister's house provided by the church! I will post pictures as soon as I have some, but lets just say it is HUGE compared to our tiny one bedroom at the moment. It has a master bed/bath, two bedrooms, a hall bath, living room, kitchen, and all the closet space a girl could ask for! The church moved the house down the street not long ago, so they are working on getting everything like the electrical, gas, and plumbing all up and going. They are also going to add a covered porch, gravel drive, sidewalk path, the works it seems! This is such a huge blessing, one we are incredibly thankful for!! We did have an opportunity to walk through it on Wednesday night, so Mark could see it, and of course so I could get design ideas hehe. I have been watching my fair share of HGTV that is for sure!

So yeah, that is what all has been going on in our lives. God has been moving like crazy, revealing things to Mark and me, as well as to the committee members at Harleton, and we couldn't be happier. Life has been so amazing, and we have been blessed over and over again! To God be the glory!!


missleeannskidz said...

I'm reading this sitting in a room full of other people and could hardly contain my excitement. Had I been alone I would have been clapping and saying YAY!! really loud I know. I love you! Let me know if I can do anything to help move!

Anonymous said...

WOW, how exciting! It's such a blessing to watch as God uses and blesses you and Mark. I know He has great things in store!
(Can't wait to see your new house!)