Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Times

Well this week has been pretty good I guess.  Really it felt like we were all just waiting on the weekend, but hey who isn't?  Overall the week was good, though not a whole lot happened.  Mark and I had a Monday to ourselves, so we did our usual watching of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (courtesy of me of course, there is no way Mark would watch it on his own), and then wen to bed. . . Tuesday night Eddie was speaking at Release (the college Wednesday night type thing at ETBU), and so he and his fiance (almost wife in 22 days) came over and we all caught up, then went and listened to Ed speak, which was good as always.  

Wednesday finally got here, thank goodness, because I knew that for at least one Wednesday I wouldn't be by mys
elf in my apartment, waiting on Mark to get home.  After class I went over to LeeAnn's house (sssooo cute by the way) with Traci and we all ate and caught up really for a good few hours!!!  It was amazing!  I love my friends and glad that nothing has really changed besides the amount of time we see each other during the week.  They really are amazing friends and I wish we had all gotten a lot closer A LOT sooner than our last year in college.  It was so nice to just be able to spill out frustrations (and have someone understand/agree with you) and share joys and changes with!  I love it!  I am so excited for them as they begin their careers and go off. . . though that is sorta sad, so we just wont think about that right now.  

Thursday night Mark had Cliftone practice, so I was home chilling out, which was ok, because that night I found out Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. House on House is from England and in real life has a heavy english accent!!  Not so on the show, no he sounds American all the way!  This led to somewhat of a YouTube fascination to pass the time. 

This brings us to today, which was pretty good, if only because it is Friday!  I had a headache for the majority of the day, and ended up having to just close the curtains and lay down with a cold pack on my head and my hands over my eyes. . . only to have to wake back up and go to work.  However they did let me leave early, which was good!  Mark spent the day with Blake who came in on Thursday and stayed with us!  I love it when he comes, he is so much fun!  I am glad they finally got to have just a day for themselves. . . I am not sure they have had one of those since the wedding if not before, so it was long overdue!  They are like two little girls when you get them together, giggling, laughing, fighting, laughing again!  It is so fun just to watch!  I am thankful he has such an amazing friend in a brother.   Tonight Mark was gone again to get fitted for a tux for Eddie's wedding, so I went with my family to Shoguns and it was ssooo good!  

Welp I believe that catches us up. . . Tomorrow we are going out to my house to have a little get together with the youth and get acquainted with them a little bit.  It should be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it.  The
n on Sunday we are out at Harleton Baptist to go in view of a call, for which I am also excited and nervous!  Please pray for Mark because he will be speaking!  God really has blessed us beyond measure!  My cup runneth over!

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