Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things About Me

I saw this going around, I was bored at work, and I enjoyed reading those written by other people, so I thought I would give this a try.
1. I am sure of my salvation! I am a child of God, and doing my best to please and honor Him in my daily life, but fail miserably. Thank goodness He forgives and His mercies are new every morning!! I love Jesus with all my heart, and desire to have others come to know Him as well.
2. I have lived within the same 10 miles for pretty much my entire life. I grew up in a small town and loved being there. I now attend a university that is 10 miles away (by default, I went to one an hour away and was home more then I ever was when I came back).
3. I actually enjoy college and learning. I feel accomplished with the knowledge I have gained, and knowing there is actually some use for it. I want to eventually go and get a masters, time will tell when that one actually happens.
4. I love to be barefoot! Usually that is the first thing that happens when I walk in the door, the shoes come off!!!! I think it is a family thing because my entire family does it, even if there are people over, which is sorta funny.
5. I absolutely adore my parents! I love them so much, and have really come to appreciate them more now that I am married. I now see just how well they ran and managed our house, the great parenting skills they had, the love they had for me, the example, everything! I don't know how normal this is for all people, to be so close to their parents, but it is my normal, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
6. I love to go and get my hair cut/done. It is a weakness of mine for sure! The way you feel after coming out of a salon with great looking hair professionally fixed is awesome! I always just want to go and do something like a date or go out, just so people can see it! So yeah, I am one of those girls who will pay more for a good haircut! I just don't get it cut as often.
7. I just got married to the most amazing man ever! He is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I especially love the way he pursued me as his girlfriend, something I think every girl should experience. He loves Jesus, is a great muscian, and loves me! What more could you want? Oh yeah, height and muscles. . . he has those too!! :O)
8. Anything chocolate (besides pie and pudding) is my weakness! Put it in front and me and I can keep up with the best of them! I wish I really didn't like it as much as I do, because it sure doesn't help dieting purposes!
9. I have a slight addiction to pictures! Ok maybe a huge one! I love to look at pictures, print them out, play with them on the computer, anything! That is one thing I want to accomplish when I get a "real" house, have it FILLED with tons of pictures!
10. When it comes to cooking, I am not so hot. It's not the fact that I cannot cook, it's just I don't know how/don't have enough things I know how to cook. . . this is something I am working on. Quite frankly I really just don't enjoy it lol.
11. Writing is a release for me. I have adored it since I could hold a pen in my hand. It was my childhood dream to become an author. I have yet to be able to finish and complete a whole book (like with chapters), mainly I just have the story lines all in my head. One day though I am going to sit down and make myself write a complete story.
12. I have recently figured out I am way chill about certain things. . . like plans and schedules, if they don't happen in exactly the right order (everyday life plans and things) it is ok with me. This sometimes is the cause of disagreements between Mark and I because he is very used to having a plan and following it. Something we have had to work through and around since day one.
13. I can touch my tounge to the top of my nose. Yeah I know, weird, but I can do it. Don't worry I've never stuck it IN my nose. . . How gross!!
14. I like to train dogs. Basic dog tricks and things of that nature I can teach pretty easily. I have taught both of my dogs to sit and lie down. Bear, my Pomeranian, I taught to do that plus high five, shake, crawl (like army crawl), and roll over. Then I went away to college and mom gave him away lol. Now I am working on my dog Gizmo, who is harder than Bear because man does that little dood have an attitude.
15. We do have a dog who cannot live with us right now in Married Housing. I hate not having him around! Mark and I both love him to death, and want him with us. My Noni has kept him for us until we live in a place where we can have a dog. Gizmo is a miniature Shi Tzu and ohh sooo cute! I really wanted a Yorkie, and honestly never really liked Shi Tzus until I had one. They are fluffy, but don't shed, they are calmer, and not as yippie. The only thing about this dog is his ATTITUDE! He used to growl like a goblin (hence his name), but I think we have finally gotten him past that.
16. I enjoyed where I went to school at. Most people at my school would beg to differ, but I think it was a great place to be. I understand the reasons they wouldn't like it though that is for sure. I graduated third in my class, which is right where I wanted to be so I could give the class history speech and make people laugh!
17. I met my best friends in college. Who knew you could become so close to people you didn't grow up with? The girls I have met here mean the world to me, and have made my college experience AMAZING.
18. I had the best wedding anyone could have ever asked for! It was beautiful, and everything I ever wanted it to be! There was music, pictures, people, a huge dress, and most of all it was personable. I wanted people to come there and know our story and feel a part of such a special part in my life. I think this was accomplished through slideshows (2 to be exact), our officiant (Mark's roomie and one of his best friends who had just gotten married a month before), and Mark singing me a song he wrote when he was 14 that I hadn't heard before.
19. I want prettier handwriting, always have, always will. I envy the girls I see that have such cute notes and pages, you know that type of handwriting that would look good enough to put up on posters and stuff. . . I know, I'm weird.
20. I am a hopeless romantic. I love it when I get little notes, flowers, anything like that. I'm a girl, so sue me. . .
21. My brother and I have gotten a lot closer since I left for college, and again after I got married. Shouldn't this work the other way around? Needless to say, I am glad it didn't.
22. I really, really, really, want a dishwasher! I hate doing the dishes, detest it! I told Mark the next place we get HAS to have a dishwasher, no exceptions. I mean really, what a great invention that I didn't know was so great until it was taken away :-(
23. One day I am going to go to Washington D.C. It has been my dream to go since the 6th grade and one day I will make it there. I want to go see it all, especially the Holocauste Museum, and the Smithsonian. The history behind our young nation is fascinating, and I just want to see it all for myself. I would also love to go to Boston to see the historical sights there, but I will just take it one trip at a time.
24. I am so ready to graduate from college, and mad that I will be here an extra semester. I wish it were different, and that ETBU wasn't so gay about the rules and way they do things. I hate that one student in a department can take 21 hours in order to graduate on time while another one can't/hasn't been allowed. I hate that it is up to just one person to decide your fate and when you will graduate, and the fact it doesn't seem to matter how hard you have tried, how many hours you've taken, or how well you've done. Sorry I will get off that soap box, it is just irritating.
25. Electronics, gadgets, and things like that are hard to keep me away from. I enjoy looking at and playing with the newest phone, or the coolest MP3 player, or adding new stuff to my computer. This is supposed to be reserved for boys, but oh well who cares. . .
There, 25 things about me. That was sorta hard, but I liked the challenge!!

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austin said...

3 things...

1. mark does have good muscles.

2. the holocaust museum was one of the most moving experiences of my life. you must go.

3. i'm glad you want to be a writer.