Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running Crazy!!

I feel as if my life has been going 90 to nothing for the past week and nothing is slowing down. In fact the more I finish, the more things seem to be added on my plate. I know I only have 9 hours and am living in a typical "love semester" but the past week has been crazy!

I actually hate the week before spring break or any other extended holiday for that matter. It is like the teachers all say "oh no, we need to have these grades in before midterm!" and begin to assign things like crazy! And they are not just small things, oh no they couldn't be those, they are projects an dall that just seem to pop up out of no where! Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it is how I feel!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Oklahoma City for the Cliftones to compete for Tate. . . this is really the reason why I feel as if I am going crazy; I have had to finish up everything early for teachers because I will be missing classes Wednesday and Thursday! I am so excited about this and nervous all at the same time! I cannot wait to get out there and take an early start to spring break!!! Please be in prayer for them!

Well I am at work, which is crazy, so I will write more later!

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