Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday (thanks Lee Ann)

Well I saw this on Lee Ann's blog and decided it looked too fun and I had to do it. Today is also the first "official day" of Spring Break as well which thus begins our week of painting our house in Harleton (pictures to come soon) Anyways, here this goes, I hope I do this right (Lee Ann will certainly tell me if I don't haha! Love ya girl!!)

Today I did not sleep in until 9:45 while my hubby got up and left at 7:30 for his first day on the new job at Harleton, that would be mean. . . nope totally didn't do that!

I did not up and leave my backpack, with my entire life inside of it (my Bible, laptop, phone charger, makeup, homework) in the hotel room in Oklahoma City on Friday night. Good thing that in-laws where there in case I just so happened to do such a crazy thing and bring it back for me. I would never leave something that needed, nope not me.

Mark and I totally did not come back to our apartment on Sunday to do nothing but chill out for the first Sunday in a LONG time. I mean honestly, if we were cleaning machines that day, not couch potatoes, enjoying a wonderful day of rest. That would not be us at all.

We also didn't sleep through the alarm for two extra hours on Saturday, not when there were two weddings to go to, and a drive to Vivian to make so Mark could be a groomsman, that would be completely irresponsible. Although I think one would understand after having to drive all through the night to get back for these things arriving at 5 in the morning, all to wake up with a jolt at ten realizing we shoulda been up at 8!! Yikes! That wouldn't be us in real life, that would be us in a bad dream. . .

I didn't go out to work on the house and forget the hammer that I had previoulsy said I need to get in order to take out all the nails and stuff in the new house to get it ready, that would be sorta silly and very frustrating.

Well there you have it! NOT ME MONDAY!!

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