Friday, April 17, 2009

internet and tv-less

I am currently at my parents house tonight using the wonderful internet, and watching a little bit of tv!! Since we have moved to Harleton we are currently without internet and tv, which has been quite interesting. It has actually been sorta fun trying to think of things to do instead of going straight to our defaults for time wasting. However, good ideas are running slim around the Clifton house, even with the new addition of Ellie (which definitely has helped a ton!!) it has gotten a little tough. I was asking Mark and Adam to go and get a movie from Noni's or something, and Adam said "Go borrow from Bro. Scott." My first thought was "I cannot just waltzed down there, knock on the door, and say 'hey I'm bored can ya help a sister out?'" However, luck was upon me when I looked out the kitchen window and saw him and Suggie standing outside talking! I grabbed Ellie and begin the walk down the road.

Both Suggie and Bro. Scott laughed at my poor, pitiful, and sad circumstances of boredom, and then gave me three choice to help, which they did. I received two Tim Hawkins DVDs and Night and the Museum. We watched a Tim Hawkins DVD and laughed so hard! For those who don't know Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian who is HILARIOUS, seriously everyone should go and youtube him or something. Anyways, I was temporarily relieved of boredom with the generous help from my pastor haha.

Tonight Mark and the Cliftones are practicing so I am stuck waiting on them to get home. I did however get most of an art lesson that usually takes a good hour and half to do during the week, so the night was actually beneficial. One other thing I am also trying to do besides school is put together a website for the girls in our youth group. Right now I have made a site at where I hope to update information regularly. The homepage is kinda like a newsletter, where things are kept up with and talked about, a fun random fact, and an application section. Then there is a Coffee Shop Talk page, which is like a forum discussion place for the girls to interact with me and each other discussing various topics. I am really hoping the girls like this and that I can keep it up for them. I am enjoying it so far, but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Well I guess that is all of the random babbling for tonight.

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