Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Week of Classes

This is my last week of classes here at good ol' ETBU. I still have student teaching to do next semester, but as far as classes go, I am through after this week! WOOHOO!!! *Doin' the happy dance* Haha, now all I have is the summer ahead of me, which is something in and of itself.

We are heading out to Cancun, Mexico next Monday for our honeymoon, a year later than what it is supposed to be, but so good all the same. I am excited about going to an all inclusive and just getting to relax after a stressful year in school and to celebrate life this past year. I have to say I was slightly nervous that we never would get to go on a honeymoon if we didn't go right after the wedding, but it actually is happening, and I am sssooo excited!! I know there is a swine flu epidemic in Mexico right now, that would be our luck, but hopefully it is far away from Cancun!!!

Well this past week was a doozy of sorts! I was sick the entire week with sinus stuff. We are talking nose running, throat itching, achy feeling, just nast! I think Lee Ann and I caught it at the same time, because she was starting to feel it too when I went to help her pick out an outfit to wear for her job interview at Marshall, which went extremely well!!! I am soo excited for her and for all my friends for graduating and finding their places in the world! It is crazy that we are finally in that stage. I was talking to a couple of people the other day and was like "I honestly don't feel a day over 18, even though I am 21, it just doesn't feel like it."

Anywho, this week marks the week of finals, of which I only have 3 so I am thankful! Yay for school being out for the summer. All I want to know is, what am I supposed to do for internet if I am not at work haha?

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