Friday, April 3, 2009


Wow it has been a while! And I never posted pics!! I am such a horrible person I know!!! Oh well. . . I will post some when we are all officially moved in! hehe!!

Mark has been at the new job for about 3 weeks now and he is LOVING LOVING LOVING it as am I!!! We are ssoo where God wants us right now and it has just been wonderful!! He is actually "staff" here, which means he gets salary and A DAY OFF!!! That has meant more than you can even imagine!! Since he technically "works" on Sunday he is given a day off during the week, sorta like to make it a weekend. Since he was part of the secretary staff at Macedonia he had to be there mon-fri, and work all day Sunday too! It wasn't bad, this just frees us up to do "weekend" type things (fri and sat) without losing hours. We do really miss all of our friends at Macedonia and hope they are all doing well and we can catch up with them sometime soon!!
He is doing such a good job getting to know the kids and settling into life in Harleton, he is even more ready to move out there than I am ! He works so hard and is enjoying getting to be mentored by the pastor Bro. Scott, its just been great!

Anyways, so more news is there is now a dishwasher installed in my new house!!! I CANNOT begin to describe to you how ecstatic and happy this makes me! I went over there last night just to see it and run it (without dishes but who cares) and just grin at it!! The men who worked on the house have done AMAZING! It looks like a TOTALLY different place!! I am so excited to move into there!!! Sadly though we are puppiless at the moment, our dog had an accident when he slept under Poppy's tire and sadly passed away :-(. Mark has promised me another puppy as soon as we move though, so I have been searching for the perfect one!

Well I better go and pack now! I am taking our girls to SAGE a girls conference in Tyler and Mark is with the boys playing and youth ministering at Dude camp! Then there is SNAC after church on Sunday with an easter egg hunt for the youth, so it should be a busy weekend ahead!! I cannot wait!


JenniD said...

Oh my goodness I am so sad to hear about your dog! That is the saddest thing ever! BUT, I am excited/jealous about the dishwasher!

Sarah and Matt said...

Hey friend! What an exciting turn your lives have taken. We miss you both terribly and it was neat to talk on the phone. I might call if I get the chance this week. I miss having a girl to talke to. Sometimes I slip up and say things I shouldn't say to Matt's sister because I don't think about how they are related and I just need a friend. :) It gets kinda weird sometimes. lol. Ah well, we're married. Love you girl. Talk to you soon hopefully! Congrats on all the awesome new changes. I love reading about how exciting life is right now. Good for you two.