Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!

Woohoo, summer sure is in full swing now! We are getting ready to hit the ground running so to speak. There is so much to do and it semms like never enough time in which to do it. My list gets longer and longer as my motivation, endurance, and desire get shorter and shorter.

We have gotten quite a few things done this week that were necessities. For instance,we have started digging post holes and placing posts in for a back fence (thanks to Mark), we put in a washer and dryer in our house (still waiting on complete hook up, but at least they are in), gotten Ellie groomed (she looks GORGEOUS btw!), written thank you notes, paid bills, made dinner, cleaned dishes (no small feat in our house), and started weeding the flower bed. However there is still a ton left on our plate.

Let's start with the flower bed. My grandparents have lovingly picked out and up flowers for us to put into this thing, and showed us how to do it all (plant, weed, water, etc), but right now it looks like a grass jungle! I feel so bad about it! They have put in so much money, time, and effort into showing us the ropes and getting everything started, but we havn't been home enough to keep it up! I am trying my best though to get out there at night and begin just getting grass out of the way, that was we can see to pull up the root! It just needs a little TLC, and it's getting it, just in doses!

There is also the mess that is now our house! Like I said, we pass ourself coming, so unpacking and repacking are always happening and always looking as if the suitcase blew up in our room! The kitchen counter and table are a catchall for anything and everything, not to mention the two rooms now packed with all the wedding gifts we weren't able to have before hand for lack on room! It is sorta driving me crazy, but everytime I think about doing it, or look at it, it becomes so daunting a task! Still I must get it done! Between work, church, camps, nights out, and so on, I don't know when I can do it!

Now I must start repacking for youth camp this coming up week! I am super excited about it and think the kids are gonna have a blast! I am praying we all learn alot and really grasp the jist of what this Christain walk is really about! After that it is back to work for a week and then it is off for around 8-9 days for World Changers! This is going to be a blast as well! We are super excited about going! Then its back home for four days and off with the Cliftones to play at Macedonia's Youth camp! Poor Ellie! We are currently trying to find a place or a person to keep her while we are gone soo much! We thought my parents were going to be able to, but dad was seriously allergic (though we got her cut, so maybe it will be different now haha lol). So we are back at square one. If anybody wants to dog sit or house sit for a couple of days or so be our guest haha! She will be fine, my mom can come and let her out and all, it just wont be the same.

Anyhoo, I better get back to work, it is actually going by halfway fast today (thank goodness). Tomorrow we are going to tie up loose ends from the mission project a couple of weeks ago, then I have a hair and eye appointment (not at the same place thankfully), then church, then camp!

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