Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Friday!

Well folks it is the time has finally come when I have to leave the class I have come to love so much, and go on to the new and exciting 6th grade classroom. I love my little class full of first graders and their smiling faces, curious eyes, and learning minds. They are the sweetest things, and I will miss them dearly. I will miss them telling me hello each morning with a hug, telling me I look pretty everyday (even if I don't at all), giving me the sweet things they had made at home the night before, wanting me to look at their paper because they are proud of how they did (and yes that did get annoying after a while, but it is still something I will miss), all of these things.

Anyway, at the end of the day on Friday I come waltzing back into my classroom after helping my mom over in her office, open the door, and hear a chorus of "SURPRISE!" coming from 22 little mouths. I look up to find Miss Newsom, my classroom teacher, standing there, camera in hand, taking pictures of my very shocked face. My eyes then dance their way around to the table where low and behold, there sits a cake, and presents, and juice all waiting for me! I could hardly contain my excitement. I walk over to view the beautiful chocolate cake and find it says "Good Luck" on the top and then "Mrs. Kristen" on a cookie on the side.It is a two tier cake, and around the sides of it there were frosted cookies that said a name of every child in my class! It was the cutest and prettiest thing ever!I thought Miss Newsom had gone to some fancy cake store to get it, but come to find out, Mrs. Cheryl Hardy from right here in Harleton whipped that up for me! That made it 10 times more special!There were also presents all around of items that I would be able to use in my future classroom! One big thing that I have been looking for and wanting very badly was what I call a "teacher bag" where I can put all of the papers and things teachers have to take home in and is very cute and stylish. In the bag where different miscellaneous items, stinky stickers, a cool folder to leave for subs, post it notes, ect. Mrs. Lloyd, the teacher right next door also got me a bag of goodies which included a bunch of things you never think about such as a tape dispenser, paper clip holder, orange handled scissors ( which are super hard to find), markers, the list goes on!

One of the parts that meant the absolute most to me was the people that showed up. My mom came which was so sweet, because as Mrs, Amy, our speech teacher said, "Aw it is like it is coming full circle for Traci, since this was her old classroom and all. How cool for her." Mrs. Amy was another one, Mrs. Lisa (mom's best friend and the fine arts teacher), Mrs. Wendy (the school principal and my fourth grade teacher), Mrs. Kay (Mrs. Amy's boss), the other first grade teachers (for a second), I mean it was a party. It was just so nice to have all those people there in support of me and what I am about to do. To know that I have multiple people who think I am ready for this and are encouraging me is extraordinary.If anything else, I know there are lots of people who like chocolate cake like me haha. Seriously, it was like a coming of age thing as an adult, an entrance into the world of working people, something I will remember for the rest of my life. A funny story from this party was one of my little girls told my mom "She is never coming back." Mom replied, "Yes she will, she will come back and visit you." The girl looked back at her and shook her head side to side and said "Nope, I'm never gonna see her again." We then told her I would come back and visit, but isn't that just the sweetest thing in the world!?!?

So yeah, get ready sixth grade, cause here I come!

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