Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer a.k.a. Anniversary, Community MIssion Prjoect, Youth Camp, and so on!

Wow summer has now set in and that means in youth ministry terms, Mark and I have hit the ground running and have not looked back yet. . . It has been a whirlwind, but we have loved every minute of it.

First of all, there was our anniversary to celebrate. I cannot believe that two years have actually passed! It has been a crazy two years with a lot of changes. Marriage, college, married housing, Mark having 3 different jobs, finally finding Harleton and loving it, getting our puppies, going to youth camps and such, student teaching, graduating, landing my first job in the middle of the year, beginning my teaching career, finding out we were pregnant, deciding to stay home, figuring out it is a boy, I mean it has been a whirlwind of two years. To celebrate two years, we actually had it sneak up on us, so it was kind of impromptu. We decided to use the camping stuff we got for Christmas, but it was too hot to go outside, so we set the tent, air-mattresses, and sleeping bags all up in the living room and watched our wedding video. It was a ton of fun!

Two days after celebrating two years of marriage we had the youth doing a community mission project in preparation for world changers. They went around doing projects for widowed ladies in the church and others who needed a little bit of help around their house. We worked for one day, then went swimming, then watched a movie and slept at the church and then did it again the next morning. We ended it with church that night. All in all it turned out really well.

Next we headed off to youth camp. This was a great time for us and for our students. God really spoke to a lot of them and we felt like we actually became a family this year, which was really a change from last year. There were many fun memories made, as well as some lives changed. Two kids accepted Christ, which was really exciting. It was just a very nice experience over all.

Reid has been doing well. I am excited because on the 29th we are going to have our 3D sonogram! I am so excited to see his little face, make sure he doesn't have gigantic cheeks, and just a chance to see how much he has grown since well the last time we were there, which was when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Now, at 24, it should be slightly different haha! Hopefully that day I can also get my new iPhone 4. We will see how it all works out. So that is pretty much life as I know it right now. Busy, and not that interesting, but updated for the 3 that might read this.

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Chris and Lydia said...

The sonogram is tomorrow! How exciting. Post pictures please!